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    Dear All,
    Some of you may have heard about the marshall protocol treatment others may not have.
    I was first diagnosed with cfs in 2002 after 4 years of very ill health. By late 2003, my health became so bad that I could hardly walk or do anything. My doctor also found 3 strains of rickettsia in which I was given loads of antibiotics. In 2004 when I became completely bedridden, I embarked on the marshall protocol treatment which was recommended by a friend. My doctor said we were clutching at straws and told my family to plan the funeral. Well it worked and after a year my health was better than it had been before the year 2000. Last year we sent a blood sample to the USA (I am in Australia) and they confirmed Lyme disease.
    Hope this story helps many - and gives hope to many. *please note - check with your doctor before commencing any new treatment and make sure you follow the protocol correctly. It doesn't work for everyone and it can be fatal if not followed correctly. I can't stress this enough.
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