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  1. hopeliveshere

    hopeliveshere New Member

    To all those interested in the Marshall Protocol,

    If anyone is looking for the previous thread I started I deleted it. The post was orginally intended to convey this message below.

    I came to immunesupport about six years ago desperate. I couldnt sleep, had horrid pain and was suicidal to name a few of my symptoms. I now am sooo greatful of the Marshall Protocol after trying so many other supplements, medications and rememdies that did not work.


    Being skeptical of it at first I dug in and learned the science, read the success stories and talked with two doctor who had hundred of patients and had done the protocol with success themselves. I knew I had nothing to lose and yes I had read lymenet with stories of patients who had trouble with the MP but I also read the successes there and on other sites.

    The MP is not easy, takes hardwork, dedication and is very difficult for some. However, I cannot stress how it has changed my life and am planning a bright future.

    For anyone wanting to read about patients on the Marshall Protocol who are no longer living in hell and regaining their lives back from chronic disease. See There are great easy to read articles about cell wall deficient bacteria and what is really going on with Vitamin D in the body.

    I am putting this out there for all of those who are sick like I was and searching for answers.

    Take care and best wishes, Hope
  2. victoria

    victoria New Member

    despite the arguments and all... you might be surprised at how many may look into it now or in the near future...

    At any rate, people can also look up the interviews with Marshall in the most excellent research library here (click 'research library' white tab, up above the purple bar of other links).

    all the best,

  3. hopeliveshere

    hopeliveshere New Member

    Could you please share your experience of the MP here on the site? I am not sure if I know who you are :) Do you post on the MP site? Thanks for posting!

  4. becc

    becc New Member

    Hi Hope,

    It's unfortunate that you decided to delete the old thread. People disagreed with you - and in my case I had a bad experience with the MP - but that's the nature of discussion. It allows debate and an exchange of ideas. Without that, it's just propaganda.

    The MP is not always safe. I became very ill while I was on it. Other people have almost died. To pretend otherwise and dismiss these cases as people having "trouble with the MP" or call the MP "very difficult for some" is not fair to people who may choose to try it in the future. And it just further strengthens the basis for the claim that the MP is cult-like - any disagreements are covered up.

    Please do not delete this thread if people question the MP again.

    Take care,

  5. heapsreal

    heapsreal New Member

    Hi,My doc uses the marshall protocol for some of his cfs patients. For me he said he didnt recommend it, he has found relatively young males(im 37) dont respond very well, elevated liver enzymes i think etc, but others have no problems. I think he said its due to the benicar, which tell me if Im wrong works on shifting the immune system from Th2-Th1 immune response which then kills pathogens(viruses and bacteria) in the cells. Im currently looking for other substances that shift the immune response to Th1 dominant response. Some so far i have found out are immunovir(inosine)which I am currently taking and is helping, also transfer factor which is suppose to work in a similar way. Dr Cheney also has similar theories to dr marshall in the way cfs immune systems respond to either Th1 or Th2 dominantresponse, so its not an isolated theory. My next appointment i will talk with my doc on trying a low dose of doxy with the inosine i am on. I am hoping to get a good response like the marshall protocol.I suppose people shouldnt knock something until they have tried. Glad its helped you.
  6. victoria

    victoria New Member

    click on my name to read my profile, that will give you some info.

    I now have a sudden current bladder infection just as I was starting to feel acclimated to the higher elevation of where we moved to, so I guess I won't start for another 10 days or so...

    I'm not the best success story as it's taken me so long due to 'life' getting in the way, but so far the benefits/successes have been:

    -within 2 weeks of benicar alone, my quickly progressing hip pain went away, and has stayed away, even tho at times I've gone off benicar for various other infection reasons.
    -was able to slowly withdraw from thyroid as it became evident I needed less and less as I went along
    -definitely improved my energy/clearheadedness

    That was with phase 1 alone... after which 'life' (ie, s**t) happened... didn't do phase 2 til last spring, the major advancement for me then was that my blasted constant 'sinus' headaches were about 80% better.

    Now that I think I'm finally pretty acclimated to the sudden move to a much higher elevation (6800') and recuperated from all the stress from moving/packing from a house we'd lived in for 21 years, and then driving 2,000 miles with 4 dogs and 2 cars, plus having a broken toe & twisted ankle during the move (I feel like a walking accident sometimes!) I'm ready to do phase 3 now.......

    but now have a new bladder infection, first in a couple years, sigh... so life continues to get in the way.

    all the best,

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  7. thecatswhiskers

    thecatswhiskers New Member

    ............. you wanted some Th1/2 shifters? I'm on 2 transfer factors that are supposed to do it (immune 26 and 4life original), and also a mushroom extract (OK if you have candida) called 'coriolus versicolor'. believe there's also something else called 'abrosetia' (might have spelt that wrongly).

    Hope that helps!
  8. heapsreal

    heapsreal New Member

    thanks for that info, keeping a list of things to try, was on higher dose of inosine and started to feel extremely tired, last 2 days have lowered the dose and feeling better, maybe an immune reaction, but think Im onto something, may add other th2 shifters as i go.
  9. DMBaken

    DMBaken New Member

    I have looked in to the MP but would not use it unless I could find a Dr who uses it to guide us through. I emailed the MP people through the right place in the website but they never got back to me with a DR in our area (or country).

  10. hopeliveshere

    hopeliveshere New Member

    Hi Don,

    Go to and request a doctor list. If they dont get back with you let me know here.

    It is important you know the MP science yourself and become educated on the subject.

    I also think you will find very interesting. (There are some very interesting interviews with children that have done the MP on this site as well as adults)

    All best, Hope
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  11. DMBaken

    DMBaken New Member

    That was the site I requested a list from and never heard back. I would not be willing to try it unless we were working witha dr experienced in it.

  12. hopeliveshere

    hopeliveshere New Member

    Try Again for the request.

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