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  1. mary01

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    Has anyone tried this Protocol? If so, with what results? I guess one question I have is what about viruses? The Protocol uses low doses of antibiotics to attack the bacterial forms that have no cell walls and are not destroyed by traditional antibacterial treatments. But aren't we also loaded with viruses? I test positive for EBV, CMV and HHV6? How would I fare using the MP?

    Thanks for any input.
  2. victoria

    victoria New Member

    If you do a search of the posts, you will find many viewpoints. Some have used it successfully, some have tried it successfully but only for a while as there may be problems with meds (as with anything), for some it did not work at all, for some it was disastrous because of other health problems.

    It did effect some permanent positive changes for me, tho I'm admittedly a "bad" example, as I've not stuck it all the way through all the phases. That said, I am going to go back again at some point.

    I honestly think that it will just depend on you: your genetics, other health problems, etc. I've never tested positive for anything that I've been tested for, but there's a lot of things I haven't been tested for due to no insurance coverage. I've had problems since having mono/CMV for a year in college... I am sure I have picked up a few other things in the ensuing years.

    Do your homework, get the blood tests, and most importantly of all, find a really good doctor with whom you can work. You can find one at the MP site.

    All the best,

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    I have recently started the Marshall Protocol. I am trying to reach out to anyone who is also using this protocol.
  4. victoria

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    and had permanent positive changes, no negatives for me thankfully. I'm not on it currently as there's too much stuff going on in my life right now to be able to herx. I'm not the best example, as I've been of & on it, but - again, it's the only thing that ever gave me some permanent positive results.

    I can contact you through the MP board, is your user name the same?
  5. BJ2

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    Hey folks.

    I am 4 months into phase 2 of MP. I tested negative for Lyme but was positive on 3 bands through IGENIX so I know that's what I have.

    I won't lie - the first year - as I was warned - was absolute hell - esp the last 4 months of the first year. My cousin - who has sarcoidoisis, didn't herx nearly as badly as me (she's finishing final phase and healthier than she has been in years).

    However GREAT news is that FINALLY I am really starting to feel better! I believed all along that this was the right way to go and I think I am finally seeing it. My fibro is all but gone (deadly last year). I have chronic mengingitis and I still have the head pain - but the relief from the constant horrid pain throughout my whole body is actually gone now 90% of the time. I still have a long way to go on phase 2 (there are 3 phases) but I've been told that phase 1 is always the most difficult.

    There has been much negative press about MP. It's a very long, very slow journey. However, I'm only 48 and don't want to live the rest of my life in this kind of pain, and wasn't offered any other solution. In hindsight, I was probably lucky that I wasn't, so I would start this path.

    I repeat - it isn't easy. However you need to educate yourself (and I wasn't) about ways of lessening the herxing that has to occur in order to be cured (some autoimmune diseases have worse herxing than others from what I understand.)

    Good luck!

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