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    My name is Marietta Wright. I am 70 years old and have been on the MP for 7 months now. I just started phase 2.
    Through out the 7 months that I have been on the MP I have been feeling awful. There may have been a day here or there that I have had some energy and have felt pretty decent but those days are rare. I constantly fight depression and am always herxing in some form. I am thinking about quitting the program, but am still hesitating, for I do not know if that is the right thing to do. How long before I start feeling better? That probably is an unfair question to ask, but I do need some encouragement. My D 25 is 20 and my D 1.25 is 36. Pleas let me know what you think. Thank you, Marietta Wright- coloralive
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    It is probably time to get in to see your regular doctor and get a full physical and full blood work including hormones. Be sure to take a list of everything you have been taking, including prescriptions, supplements AND aspirin or any other over the counter items. Our bodies can change for many reasons and if you have been feeling so bad for 7 months, it's really time to see a doctor and get an exam and blood work. 7 MONTHS is way too long to be feeling so bad. Good luck.
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    I am new here also, but not to ProHealth or CFS organizations. I was for 20 years with one of the nations premier CFS physicians, he is on the CFIDS physician advisory board, and a published researcher. I was going to try the Marshall protocol, and he advised against it, saying that not one of his patients who had been on it achieved any significant results whatsoever. This internist, who shall remain nameless, has devoted himself to CFS for 20 years, and is one of the most honest and intelligent people I have met, let alone among physicians. This voice of extreme experience convinced me that it was not worth trying. The fact that it has been around for years, and has not caught on as a general cure-all for these conditions, also convinced me it was not the "magic bullet." Sounds good on paper though. Good luck.
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    I strongly suggest you place a copy of your post on the Chronic Fatigue board here as it would be very helpful to them. Thanks.