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    I'm so sorry, but I think I've either forgotten or missed something about your son, who was mentioned on another post.

    Is he ill? I hope I'm not bringing up something that's none of my business, just curious I guess. Especially with all the problems we've been having with our daughter.

    That's why I've stayed off the porch...because most of what's going on in my life has to do with her and I felt that I had really lost my sense of humor.

    I hope all is well....


    Nancy B
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    How nice of you to ask, Nancy.

    Yes, he's had a tough time for the past two months. An old injury in his spine began causing problems, then he got what he thought was the flu but which was bi-lateral pneumonia. His wife took him to the ER mid of night last week? Was it only last week?? He was having trouble breathing and improvement was slow.

    He's home now but not 100% yet. I worries me terribly but I know he and his wife are smart and they'll take care of him.... It's just that 2,400 miles is too darned far away! As you know, being the mother of adult kids is much harder emotionally than being the mom of little ones, right!?

    Again, thanks so much for asking. Care to share anything about your daughter?


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    I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope he'll continue to feel better.

    Yes, having kids was the easy's the adult children that have changed my life. Luckily, my son does fine so he's one that I don't have to worry too much about.

    Which is good since he's in California and I'm in Germany.

    No one ever tells you it doesn't get easier! One of the big secrets to life....


    Nancy B

    Sorry, didn't see the question about my daughter until just now....

    She's doing ok at the's been an interesting month or so.

    She's realized how 'not well' she is and has accepted that we will be going for disability for her and keeping her ID card means that we will become guardians.

    She tried working in Nov, just stocking shelves at our new PX which isn't even open but it lasted less than 2 weeks. Her hallucinations came back with a vengence during that time. Both visual and auditory.

    The doc adjusted her meds which seems to have calmed things down. She's even made a successful trip to the laundry room which is the first/& second time since March. She believes that the devil lives down there, so it was a huge step for her. She even bought a cross at the Christmas Markt to put up down there.

    Before my doc left to move back to Hawaii, he wrote us a letter stating that he agreed that she was schizophrenic and needed to have us take over guardianship. She isn't capable of living on her own or even taking care of much for herself.

    So it's been sad and bittersweet yet it's made a huge difference in my life to have her begin to accept this. I'm no longer worrying every other minute that she'll take off for the states again.

    I'm getting a good break this past week since she got her Spongebob dvds for Christmas. Gives me a few good hours when she's watching them upstairs. Unbelievable...but I never liked having a tv as a babysitter when my kids were little yet now I'd give anything for a few hours of break time.

    Anyway, I'm not feeling too well tonight, worst I've felt in awhile so I'm going back up to bed.

    Thank you so much for asking when you have so much going on in your life too.


    Nancy B

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