MARTIZAVALA/SSDI Social Security Disability Testimonies Add

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    Sorry Marti, but I copied what you asked into here so as to not have to keep clicking back & forth because not only did I forget your questions but also my partly-brain-formed replies faded in that very short click-time.

    Here's yours:
    1. Did you use an attorney/Allsup or go it alone?
    2. Were you approved on the record or after a hearing?
    3. How many times were you denied?
    4. Did you have a doctor's general attitude of support?
    5. Did you have a doctor's help with a letter or report?
    6. Which impairments did you get disabilty for?
    7. How many other health issues do you have?
    8. How far back did your back pay go?
    9. When you were approved? How old were you?
    10. What state do you live in?

    1. No attorney nor Allsup. I didn't know such people or places would help. Perhaps attorneys or Allsup either didn't exist in San Francisco CA then or dr didn't know to suggest I go there.

    2. Approved on record due to a great SocSecDis worker who wrote on the paperwork in large red letters "This woman needs help NOW."

    3. Was never denied. I hear automatic denial is common now and the ill person has to try again and again and go through expensive, exhausting, and seemingly endless re-tries and super-expensive visits to lawyers to get help. Opinion: that's awful when one considers the sick person who might not have it together re energy or mental acuity to re-apply.

    4.I don't feel I had dr's attitude of support; he had me tested for RA and said sed rates were bad but that's all he did.

    5. If dr support consists of him telling me to go right away to SSI and SSDI --- the Bad Conditions, IMO, were severely arthritic at the time due to weeks of exposure to cleaning compounds ---yes,I had slight dr support but no letter to carry to SSI/SSDI.(Dr scripted daily mega doses acetylsalic acid tabs, same-same aspirin, I believe, but that was before I knew large doses aspirin burns holes in my belly/ bowel).

    6. At the time all I knew was that I had helped with a cleaning-out of a filthy house and that caused my GLOVED hands to swell like catcher's mitts. Of course breathing in the fumes from the cleaning prducts didn't help but dr and I didn't peg the problems to inhaling cleaning products to sudden illness; he brainflashed RA but didn't test for anything else.

    Side note: I also noticed exhuaustion at that time but didn't mention it to dr because I thought that the marathon cleaning-up job was cause of exhaustion. Little did I know then...

    7. I'll never know if there were other sick-conditions running rampant.

    8. Retro funds went back to date of filing for assistance. I suspect this is because the approval came pretty fast for both SSI and SSDI. I've heard that people whose cases take years to resolve don't get retro funds to date of filing. BUT: it does seem that funds now are pegged to one year of employment before having to go through such help agencies such as Binion and Binion and this Allsup I never heard of much before now.

    SocSecDis sent two retro checks because they found employement I'd forgotten about. Came to between 3 and 4 thousand $$.

    9. Approved around 30 years ago. 30 years was also approximate age.

    10. Got SocSecDis approval in San Francisco CA. I understand other cities and states have differing rules re approval.

    Hope I haven't messed up the order of your questions and my answers. Mind is just "a bit" impaired becase of medications used at night.

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    THanks for the testimony. I copied and pasted it into the thread so they are all together.

    It is very interesting to me that you were approved 30 years ago. Even before this illness had a name.

    I also found it interesting what you must have been exposed to.

    I wonder what testing would show now. Have you had much testing done recently?


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