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    Hi Marti,

    I just read that you used to breed dogs and have experience with heartworm. Do you mind if I ask what you do for your dogs re heartworm? It hasn't been much of a problem in Toronto before now but several Katrina rescues have found homes here and the incidence of heartworm is way up in the city.

    What do you do re heartworm prevention?

    Thanks much,
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    Hi there- may I help here? Your title got me, wasn't sure it someone or something :)

    I put my dogs on Interceptor heartworm protection. I am not sure how they treat it, but your vet will run a blood test for it first then give you the meds if it is neg.

    I hope you have been doing well, I did read a post of your about mites or some tiny creature that you can't see but packs on heck of a bite.

    I have those here but they are outside, esp in the evening. I was trying to rinse off my cart tonight and was attacked by all these itty bitty things, like suicide diver bombers going after their target! The price I pay to live in the middle of a forest.

    So will go soak my war wounds in the tub. Sorry to but in but I had the answer. I hope it helps-Carla
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    Thanks for the reply!

    I use a similar product, following the blood test, but always worry about putting these toxic things into my little dog. There is some concern about this, yearly vacc.s, etc. as you no doubt know.

    Over the past 20ish years that I've had dogs in Toronto, heartworm has not been much of a problem so I sometimes only had the blood test if I did not plan to take them out of the city. Some years, I tested and treated all of them.

    Many, many years ago, one of my dogs, a magnificent standard poodle (no pompoms!), came down with a slowly progressive neurological illness very much like mine. I often wonder if it had something to do with giving her so many shots and preventative treatments (guilt) so I am a bit reluctant to stress them but, of course, I do not want to risk heartworm.

    I have changed the vaccination schedule so they are not given at once and rabies is only 1x per 3 years. I would prefer to test their rabies immunity rather than just vaccinate but there are laws.

    My! I have gone on! Dog women!!!

    Thanks, again.


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