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    just wondering i read a post you wrote of trigger injections did you get them? and how many were you taking
    at a time,,i`ve myself are getting between 12-24 injections
    sometimes i get 12 another 3wks goes by i`ll get 24 sometimes it helps ,,i`ve been getting them about 3months are so ,,did you gain any weight with those injections?

    Now my Dr. wants to put epidural injection but i`m having second thoughts of that,,i have fms/cfs and hern.dics
    problem my legs are bad sometimes i can`t even walk
    i just don`t know anymore,,,gmom,,,

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    Gosh, I had no idea you could get that many trigger point injections at one time. Maybe that many at once would help. But my Rheumy had told me I could only get 2 at a time. So he would do 2 between my shoulders if I had bad pain there. I rarely ever have bad pain pain is aching in the big muscle groups (arms, legs, etc. from the FMS.) Anyway, when I would get them, they never seemed to help much, so I don't do it anymore. Sometimes they would help for a day or two only.

    I don't use him for my back pain from the herniated disks. (That pain was in my back, hip, legs and feet, and had caused my legs to be weak.) I had consulted a back surgeon who said I didn't need surgery, but sent me to a Pain doctor...Anesthetist (may be spelled wrong)....who gives the epidural injections. They work really great!!! If the pain in your legs is coming from your back (and mine was nerve pain)they help a lot, but the med must be put into the right place. So it all depends on having a good doc that gets the med into the right place.

    Before I had this Pain doc for my back, I had others. One of them was very good, but he left town, and then I did not have a good one for a while, so even when I got the epidural shot, it didn't work very well. But with this new doc, they are doing wonderfully well.

    Another thing about epidurals is that there are different kinds of them. THere is just the regular epidural that you can get in a doc's office....but always be sure he/she is an Anesthetist (some docs will say they can give these shots and they do, but unless they are Anesthetists, they will not do a good job of my opinion.) The other kind is called a guided-arm epidural, and for this one, they put you lightly to sleep, so it is done in an out-patient Surgery. It doesn't take long, however, and is not a big deal. THey put you to sleep so they can put in dye, and therefore put the shot right exactly by the nerve root that is causing the problem.

    I hope all this doesn't sound too complicated. It probably does, but if you go to a good back surgeon, he will refer you to a good doctor for giving the epiddurals.

    It sounds like you might already have a good one.

    I have had a lot of success with the epidural injections. They esecially work well in combination with Physical therapy. By using both of these, I have almost gotten my back fixed. The disks are not even herniated any more now, just a little bulging, although I do still have some stenosis. I guess there is no way to get rid of that part.

    Anyway, this is my experience. I hope I may have been of some help. If you get an epidural of any kind, be prepared that at first it will hurt more (about 3 days) while the numbing medicine is wearing off. THey put in 2 kinds of medicine....the numbing med and the steroid. After the first 2-3 days, the steroid will kick in, and then you get lots of relief. At least I do. I have heard some people say it didn't work for them, but I think that might be if they don't get the med in the right spot.

    Anyway, hope this helps, and good luck to you whatever you decide.

    Can you really get 12 to 24 trigger point injections at one time? (If this is so, then I am going to change rheumatologist, because mine is not doing that, and it sounds like it would be very helpful done that way.)

    P.S. Oh, Forgot to say, I didn't gain any weight. Would you let be know about the number of those trigger pint injections? Thanks.