Mary (HCL) Acid Reflux "cure"

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    Mary, thought I'd do a separate post on the HCL "cure"...we talked about it on my statin thread and I KNOW you have talked about it a lot.....

    I did the burp test yesterday (1/4 t baking soda in 8 oz glass clean water) and burped immediately on drinking this. I do not deal with acid reflux or heartburn issues....aka GERD.

    Now my neighbor deals or doesn't deal with horrible acid reflux and has tried everything but HCL....she did the test this morning and NO BURP. She called me a while ago and said she had a good burp later in the day after spent bent over to take off her shoes..... She has tried so many types of remedies without success....her gastro MD has her taking Gaviscon, but that is not the problem, it is LOW STOMACH ACID...

    She has concern about esophagial cancer and she is losing weight as she cannot eat and is always feeling nausea. So I'm urging her big time to get the HCL/pepsin product you take. I'm passing on it now as I think I'm OK there.....

    Again, Mary, you have big a tremendous help....jam
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    You know I may take some HCL afterall...this site talks about low stomach acid and
    mentions the Bun and Chloride tests on labs... My Bun and Chloride are both on the high end of range. › Key Functions of Your BodyGut
    Actually, my BUN came in higher and Chloride lower, indicating lower stomach acid.

    All so interesting when one starts to dig into it all...something we just don't get to discuss with docs...
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    Hi Jam - well, I have Dr. Taylor to thank for first telling me about HCL and how as we get older, our levels decline. Also, I've read several places that people with CFS tend to be low in stomach acid. I had so many digestive problems before I started taking HCL. But 99% of doctors don't know anything about this - it's crazy. They're not educated.

    Well, good luck, I hope it helps you and your neighbor -

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    Mary, I'm reading a lot of reviews on HCL and I gather it's mostly for breaking down proteins we eat.

    One person said something to this effect:

    I take one at lunch and one with dinner to help break down proteins in my stomach for better absorbtion into the body. Now, sometimes I don't take it with lunch, it depends on the 'kind' of protein that I am consuming.

    So, if you're having eggs, yougart or a protein shake, then don't take it. If you're having steak, chicken or a burger, then take it, but take it right before or right after the meal, not an hour before or on an empty stomach. If you do that, then you will get acid reflux or heartburn.

    My neighbor does NOT eat eggs/meat/fish, says she gets her protein from beans...just wondering about this "kind" of protein issue... I on the otherhand do eat meat/fish and some eggs, so sounds like it would be good for my protein consumption. So wondering if the HCL will still assist her GERD issues....

    What do you think, she's a tougher case being a hardcore vegan. jam
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    Well, I suggested my friend call the company to talk to product specialist and explain her use of protein, since she says romaine lettuce has protein...the people said it aids in all digestion re: low stomach she is getting a bottle to try it out....she said she is burping some today since the baking soda test yesterday...
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    I don't know if this will help, but my 42 year old son was getting terrible acid reflux in the mornings. I use apple cider vinegar when my stomach is upset so he tried some at night before going to bed. more AR.
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    Jam - HCL will help with digestion if someone is low in stomach acid, as the company said. So even though your friend is a vegan, if she has low stomach acid, she'll have trouble with digestion, period. And actually, I find eggs harder to digest than chicken and take more hcl if I have eggs for breakfast.

    Sunflowergirl, that's a really good idea. I have read that that ACV is very good for digestion, and Jam, that's something else your friend could try if she wanted, before starting HCL.

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    Just talked to my friend and she's taken ACV on and off over the years but not lately...she may start up again and go slowly....she see's her gastro MD in early Dec and will bring up low the meantime she will have gotten the HCL I ordered for us yesterday....

    I feel fortunate that I never have had Gerd issues and had some heartburn when I was preg 50 yrs ago. I've taken ACV off and on for years for OA. Don't know if it really helps the joints....but I continue on it most days......

    Back to acupuncture and had 2nd session yesterday for knees/ankle and feel a tad improvement has to continue on it. jam