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    Ok, I covered all the bases! LOL I have never been thrilled with my name either. Ha. I guess the grass is always greener.... Your story about hubby was so sweet. However, that didn't solve his problem. So, we need to keep praying that he can get into the doc ASAP so he can get those meds adjusted.

    Thanks for your continued prayers. Yes, yesterday was really hard. Heavy duty fatigue set in on Monday and I still had two more periods to teach and the last period is my big band rehearsal where the kids tend to be a little nuts on a regular basis anyway let alone during the Holidays. I did much better today and I had a long night on top of it.

    I can see how much juicing is helping me because I was not able to do that for a long period and I could feel the negative affects of that. My mom doesn't have a garbage disposal so it would be very hard to do all what I do without one. I was able to juice yesterday but won't have a chance again until Friday night as this is a really busy week. I have these weeks all the time. They are dealing with FM, my other full time job. LOL

    Yes Mindy is tiny under all that hair. She weighs 7 pounds and 3 oz. Very small but you would never guess when you see all her fur especially in the winter.

    How are you holding up in all of this? As I read some of your posts I feel you becoming stronger and stronger in your faith which is wonderful to see. I spent a whole year in the Psalms before. I think you mentioned reading the Psalms. If I am really hurting that is the first place I land. Reading how David could start out in a depression and by the time the Psalm was over he encouraged himself in the Lord so much that he would end up praising Him.

    When I came to this website I was in so much emotional pain that I didn't think I could take any more. I was devastated by a close friend or someone who I thought was a close friend. I really thought I would be in that depressed state for a very long time. When I came here the Lord just filled that hole in my heart of this severed frienship and replaced it in abundance with friends from all over the world. How great is that. Only God could have done that. I am having the best year and have been feeling really good emotionally for a very long stretch. I am affected by the shorter days and even through that I am doing amazingly well. So I really am very thankful to God for bringing all of you into my heart and life.

    My bedtime is calling so I must sign off for now. I am grateful that I am on your prayer list and you know you and hubby are on mine every morning. I hope to hear some good news from you very soon. Cath needs much prayer right now as you probably have read her post if you are seeing this. We need to lift her up for sure. Take care.

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    out of seeing my long "little girl" name on the board!

    The good news is my hubby has an appt tomorrow morning with our GP. Please pray that the GP agrees to increase his dose. DH always comes off as Mr. Cheerful so I can imagine it would be hard to see that he is depressed. Unless the dr. knows him well enough.

    You must be so exhausted trying to manage your FM which is a full time job on its own. Not to mention dealing with the little darlings every day. I will pray that you continue to have the strength for both jobs.

    I am glad that you found something that helps you, Nancy. Juicing seems to be helping so many people on the CFS/FM board, including Rich Carson, that I think it is time I gave it a try. Sigh! I just need the energy to buy all the stuff and do it.

    In Canada, at least in this part of Canada, few people have garbage disposals. I see them on the American channels all the time on decorating shows and even on sit coms. I don't know why they never caught on around here. It would make things so much simpler.

    At any rate, I am going to look into a VitaMix or something like that. I have one of those old-fashioned juicers that makes a terrible mess and I don't have the energy to clean all the pieces afterwards. And it removes the roughage which is probably not good either.

    Do you have a good juicer? I have asked on the main board before and no one recommended a good one. My Needak rebounder guy told me that I had to get a VitaMix since it is the best. Do you know?

    The past two days have been dreadful for me energy-wise. I had my cleaning lady yesterday (so I had to tidy everything!) and my BioCranial. I felt immediately better afterwards so that I could do my Arthritis AquaFit but I came home and crashed badly after that.

    The pain is off the charts and I didn't sleep last night. I had a terrible nightmare which my ND says is an indication of what is going on health-wise. I have physio this afternoon and I will come home and crash again. Perhaps it is from all the stress. Please pray that this lifts soon.

    It is amazing that God led you here after that devastating experience with your "friend". I am so happy that you found us. Only God can do that. I am amazed at how He smiles down on us here on this board. This is certainly helping me grow in faith. I am at the point where I truly believe that He will look after us. "I Surrender All" is actually more than words to me now. Isn't that wonderful?

    When I came back on here in September I too was feeling that I couldn't take any more. I knew that only prayer could help and thought that it was worth a try. It certainly was.

    I appreciate your prayers so much, Nancy, and will continue to pray for you and of course for poor Cath who is certainly having a rough time.

    Love, Pepper
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    I am so so exhausted tonight so I apologize for this being short. I had a horrible night of sleeping or should I say waking up so I started the day in zombie land and now I don't even know what to call where I am now. LOL

    Sometimes it is easy to get days mixed up here but I think you said your hubby is going to see the GP tomorrow. Is that right? I sure hope so. I will pray that he ups his meds and that your hubby is not TOO cheerful tomorrow.

    I had an interesting visit tonight with this nurse who is eventually going to be giving IV's. I have them every other week. Not sure if I told you that before or not. Anyway I had met her a couple of weeks ago and she was totally into alternative stuff even though she works as a traditional nurse in her other job.

    I knew she must have had some health problems but I didn't want to ask. We were talking tonight and I told her about meeting all of you on this board. I am almost sure she is a Christian when she talked about watching some of these shows on the Christian TV station.

    I said some people I know are on disablity from Chronic Fatigue and are bedridden. She then said she had Chronic Fatigue and had been bedridden for four months. She started doing alternative stuff and immediately started feeling better. She is now working plus she has two girls or possibly three. I can't remember from a couple of weeks ago. She juices also. I am absolutely convinced that there is healing in doing that or I wouldn't be going to all the trouble to do it.

    I have a Jack LaLane juicer and this lady does also. There are several on the FM board who use that brand also. She also told me she doesn't have a garbage disposal either. So maybe I will take it with me to my mom's over Christmas. We both only juice organic. I had trouble with the nonorganic and was just about to give up juicing altogether. At the start of this school year I decided to give it another try with organic and doing it slowly. It worked that way.

    I was looking up juicers last night and I know there are some opinions that certain types of juicers are not good. I have the kind that removes the pulp. You can still use it if you want and even bake muffins or things like that but I don't have the time to do that.

    I am living proof that mine has worked wonders. It has been amazing on my digestive system. Juicing is a good way to remove toxins also. I am not familiar with the Vita mix or whatever you had mentioned. I know the Omega is a good one and expensive.

    There is some clean up but I have in down to a science now. From the start of cutting up and washing the veggies and fruits and the clean up it takes me around a half hour.

    Well this turned out to be longer than I thought. I will continue to pray for you and hubby. I read your post about your neighbor and I agree with what everyone said. I think the more we are tranparent and radiate Jesus in our own life then people sense there is something different about us. The old adage that actions speak more loudly than words are really true. Of course there is a time to speak up but I think you can let the Lord lead you and you will know when that is. I agree that at this point you just do a lot of praying for her and then let the Lord take over.

    I really need to get to bed. I will continue to lift you all up and I appreciate your prayers for me so much also.


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    I am off to drive in the freezing rain to my physio appt. I will finish this post when I get back.

    I have been exhausted and in terrible pain since I woke up Wed. am. but am starting to feel better. I had pigged out on sugar on Tuesday and figure that is what did me in.

    I saw that this dreadful weather seems to be through your part of the country too. I hope that the driving isn't too treacherous where you are.

    I am off to physio and will answer you properly when I get back. Then we have to go to Cath's pity party.

    Love, Judy
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    This has been the strangest day. I got up at 4:20 and did my usual routine. I was all dressed with my ID on an was just getting ready to eat breakfast. I am at the bottom of the phone tree for no school. Shows you how important I am. LOL I checked the school district website and there was no school. I know probably all of my town was celebrating that fact except me. I had so much to do today so I am a little stressed about that.

    I slept some more and then woke up with a killer headache. I realized that it was no caffeine. Not a good realization considering I used to not touch the stuff. My neighbor who keeps my snow blower and does both of our drives was no where to be seen. Maybe he managed to get to work.

    I was able to get out of my drive. I have a new car(to me) and this was the first driving in snow. The streets were plowed but the snowplow made my opening to the drive even worse. I floored the car and went whipping out with little problem. It was coming home that I had more problems. I gto stuck in my drive and thought maybe I was going to have to stay there but I finally made it into the garage without running into the wall. LOL The sun is brightly shining now as if nothing happened this morning.

    It was like a blizzard and ice storm and snow storm all rolled into one this morning. It even lighteninged and thundered. Very strange.

    My mom live three hours south of me and they got the worst of the ice but not much snow. She is without power as of last night as many are in her town. She does have a gas heater in the basement. That is the only way she is making a go of it. She can't get out of her driveway because of downed branches all over.

    It must be a mess. She called me this afternoon and told me she had only had one match to light candles. Of course if I would have realized this was going to happen I could have bought her the needed things.

    I am sorry you are feeling so poorly. I look at sugar now as a poison. I know that may sound strange but I do. I have not eaten it intentionally for five years and I don't get sick nearly as much as I used to. I used to get sick all the time.

    I have been praying for you and I read one of your posts that said hubby was on more meds so I am praying that they kick in very quickly like the last time. I'm also praying about this job in January.

    I was able to get out of town and get all my stuff to juice. It helps me so much so I am very thankful for that.

    This week seems to have been difficult for a lot of us on the board. We need to hang together. There is much strength and comfort in that for me.

    You take care and I sure hope this pain and fatigue pass quickly for you. I had to cancel my chiro today because of a blood pressure check with my GP. Now with the poor weather I didn't get to see either one. Ugh.

    Know that I will continue to pray. Hang in there.

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    What an afternoon driving in that stuff! We had freezing rain followed by ice pellets. Now it is snowing. I saw many accidents around the Chicago area on TV, cars in ditches and smashed up all over the place. They mentioned the thunder and lightning in the midst of it. Very strange indeed.

    I am glad that you were able to get out of your driveway by gunning it :). But school was cancelled! School is never cancelled here! The school buses weren't running today but they make a point of saying that the schools are open. When I was teaching, if I couldn't make it all the way to the school where I taught, I had to go to the closest school and they gave me busy work for the day. I hated that.

    I think that we are in for a lot of freezing rain again this winter. I am afraid of falling and have decided that I need to buy ice cleats to put over my boots. I had a pair of ice cleats in my hand at the store last week and didn't buy them because they were so expensive. I think I am going to buy them tomorrow if there are any left. What was I thinking?

    Yes, my DH got his meds doubled and took them before bed last night. He slept like a rock. The truth is he sleeps like a rock every night but last night he slept like a dead rock. ?? I think you know what I mean. He is lucky that way.

    You have convinced me that I have to start juicing, Nancy. Is your Jack LaLanne juicer easy to clean? They are sold on the Shopping Channel here from time to time. I think I will investigate the VitaMix again. I have seen them on ebay. I will check there for Omega too and see what it is all about.

    How often do you use your juicer in a day? Do you have recipes or do you just experiment with what you are able to get at the store?

    I have noticed in my 14 yrs of illness that I (and my friend that I asked about on the other thread) am always at my worst in the fall. She thinks it is because she is dreading the coming winter. I don't dread winter at all - I dread the heat of the summer - so that is not the reason. I think it is all the weather changes we experience in the fall. But that is just IMHO.

    I have stayed away from sugar for many years. This past year I have gone gluten-free too. It is really hard to be gluten-free and sugar-free. Unfortunately the health food store where I get my gluten-free products just started carrying a new line of g-f foods. So guess who bought one of everything. And guess who ate way too much of it all.

    I hope I have learned my lesson. I have to be gluten-free and sugar-free somehow.

    How have you been feeling, Nancy?

    Hope that all is well. I appreciate your prayers so much.
    Love, Judy

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    I am glad you made it home safely. It sounds like a good part of the country and Canada had some pretty awful weather today. They had tornadoes in the east. How strange is that for December.

    Cleats???? I am not sure if that is something we can get here or not. I don't think it is a usual thing but probably somewhere you can get them. I hope you can get some. I am so afraid of falling too especially since my neck surgery.

    I would imagine that you get much worse weather in the winter than we do. I don't like winter much but it is more because I don't like the cold and I really hate the short days. I do use one of those full spectrum lights and it does help me.

    I am so glad your hubby got his meds. Hopefully they will do the trick soon. Yes, being able to sleep soundly is something that we all wish we could do. He is fortunate in that regard.

    My juicer is not that bad to clean. I think for me now it is something I really look forward to because I know it does so much for me. When I am really tired coming home from school I have to tell myself that in a half hour I will be done and can rest. The clean up is not all that bad once you get used to it. At least with the one I use.

    I am only able to juice once in the day. I had trouble last year when I started. I got extreme diarrhea and I got very discouraged. My myotherapist which is also well versed in nutrition said maybe I should try just juicing organic foods only. I must admit that I was very skeptical. I decided to try it and to go slowly. I started out juicing every other day so my body could get used to it. It has worked very well. I have IBS and I would say that is where I have seen the most remarkable results without being too graphic. I am not able to juice as regularly as I would like because as I have said before controlling my FM is almost like another full time job. I am gone many nights in a normal week and I just don't have time to juice on those days. I have read on the FM board of some juicing at morning and night. I just don't know how they do that. I am sure they have some kind of system. You really need to clean the juicer after each juicing and the oxygen getting to the juice ruins it so you need to drink it immediately.

    If it wasn't for that I could juice ahead and store it. I have read where if you have air tight containers and fill the juice up to the top you can store it but fresh is still usually recommended.

    If it was summer time I might try juicing twice in a day. Right now I end up juicing two glasses full and drink it all at one time. I bought a juicing book called Juicing For Life by Cherie Calmbom. This author by the way feels that she cured her chronic fatigue by juicing. With the Jack LaLane juicer there was a little receipe book that got me started.

    When I first started I did things quite a bit different than I do now. Now my goal is to get as much dark green veggies and ginger root(great for IBS) tempered with things that make it sweet such as carrots, grapes or apples. If you have any diabetic tendencies then you need to go easy on those things that make it sweet. Celery is a great natural anti inflammatory so I juice that with everything.

    I am experimenting all the time. I tried beets tonight and it looked like blood. Very interesting. It totatlly turned my usual green concoction bright red. I think you end up acquiring a taste for it all.

    When I started I was doing a lot of fruit. You just can't believe the tastes from things you probably eat all the time. It is so good.

    I am becoming more convinced that we can heal our bodies with whole foods. I have been fascinated by Jordin Rubin. I just saw him on TV again tonight. He has a whole set of books on foods from the Bible. It makes absolutely perfect sense to me. If God was going to give us precepts to live by why wouldn't He tell us how to eat too. Well the thing is He has done exactly that. Jordin has a whole series of books. His website is interesting. I haven't actually bought any of his things but I have gleened a lot of info just on his website of foods to avoid and foods to eat. He has a weekly tv program and I have been watching that also. If you search online hopefully you can find where I am talking about.

    I sure hope you can get to feeling better. This has been a hard week for me too. Having the day off gave me a chance to rest more than usual and I know I needed that. I am getting my laundry done also.

    I am trying to connect with my soon to be 94 year old friend. I wanted to take her out to lunch tomorrow for her birthday which coming up but I wasn't able to reach her tonight.

    I hope you have a good weekend and that things start looking up for both of you. Take care and know that I will be praying.

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    I have been checking out those juicers and am trying to figure out if the extra $$ for the VitaMix is worth it. The Jack LaLanne is in stock on the Shopping Channel and is much cheaper. It is something I am going to do although I may have to wait until after I have bought all the Christmas presents.

    The back pain is off the charts today. I am going to have to get in to see my GP and insist that he order an MRI. He wouldn't do it when I asked the last time and my CFS doc was furious. He doesn't want to order it because he would be stepping on my GP's toes.

    I have to find out what is going on with my back. The physio helped to a point but now even going twice a week I am in a lot of pain. And have no meds for it. There is a 2 yr wait at the pain clinic so I should probably be on the waiting list there.

    Whine, whine, whine.

    I hope that you enjoyed your lunch with Mildred, Nancy.

    Praying for you as always.
    Love, Judy

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    I am so sorry you are in so much pain. Boy that is terrible that you can't get into a pain clinic for 2 years. I know our health care systems are totally different. We are always complaining about ours too but that seems just terrible.

    I have been praying for you. I know that may not seem like much when you are hurting so badly. I wish I could be there to comfort you.

    I am having a very difficult time also. Something is our of sync in my body and I am really shaky and it is affecting my emotions big time. I have an extremely sensitive system and it can react at the slightest thing.

    I was out of some stuff I usually take and I just got some today. The store was out of it actually and they finally got it in. It could be that or who knows. I have thyroid issues and we have to monitor that all the time with blood work and I haven't had that checked recently. It could be that also. I just know I am feeling overwhelmed and I shouldn't be feeling that way.

    There is a lot going on and I just need to take a break and give myself some rest. I did that today. I curled up in my recliner and slept all afternoon. Then the typical Sumday night panic of trying to get everything done before the new work week.

    I am going to have to get to school very early to copy some things that I didn't get to with no school on Friday.
    I have a mini Holiday concert on Tuesday so there is lots going on.

    I sure hope you can get some relief soon. I was looking online at the Vitamax. I guess that is a type of blender also. It was expensive. I am not an expert by any means so maybe you can research and explore. We have a dept store here called Kohls. I am not sure if you have them or not. They were having the Jack LaLane juicer for $89 which was a great deal. I might even buy a second one. I actually dropped the main part a few months ago and bent the most important part with the blade and the filter. It still works thank goodnes.

    Take care and I sure hope you get to feeling better. If I didn't tell you already thanks for sending my friend Birthday wishes. I will send them to her tomorrow. She will be surprised and thrilled.

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    bumping for Pepper
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    Thank you so much for being such a faithful prayer warrior. You are always on my prayer list, my friend. I pray that you continue to have the strength to work at your two full time jobs. :0) I will pray for the success of your Holiday Concert too.

    I am glad that you were able to relax in your recliner - and even sleep!

    I haven't been able to sit at the computer much with this darn back pain. I went for a massage today and my therapist told me that she thinks that my shoulder pain is myofascial pain. I have seen that discussed on the FM board but never paid attention to it. I will have to look it up. Tomorrow.

    It just seems like these DD's cause one thing after another. Or maybe it's age.

    Nancy, if you feel out of sync and overwhelmed, why don't you give EFT a try? I cannot tell you the difference this has made for me! It balances the energy systems in our body by simply tapping acupressure points. I have felt better since the first time I did it.

    I thought that it was the placebo effect but my ND tells me that there are physiological reasons for the benefits. My sister, who does not believe in alternate treatments, has had tremendous results with this.

    You can find the method on the mercola dot com web site. Skeesix on the FM board has a few good posts about it too. I ordered the DVD's and have been watching them.

    Gary Craig developed the technique. He is an ordained minister specializing in personal development. When you buy the DVD's, you are given instructions to make up to 100 copies and GIVE them to people that it might help. You are not allowed to sell them. He is in the DVD's and reminds me of my wonderful naturopath, a kind, gentle man who is obviously there to help.

    The basic instructions are on the Internet so you don't have anything to lose. I hope that you give it a try and see if it helps. It takes about 10 sec. to do. Do it over and over until you feel relief.

    No pressure. I am just so enthusiastic about this because it has helped me so much. I have a feeling that it may help you since you have such a sensitive system.

    I have thyroid issues also. I don't think that the meds help me much. I started taking T-100 several months ago and it seems to have kicked my thyroid into gear. It is good stuff.

    We don't have Kohl's here. I did see the Jack LaLanne juicer in a flyer this weekend for $129. Everything is considerably cheaper in the U.S. :-( The Jack LaLanne Elite juicer looks really good. It is $169. on the Shopping Channel web site.

    I think I am going to have a look at the one in the store when I am up to shopping. The way I feel today that may not be for some time but you never know.

    I hope that Mildred enjoys her birthday wishes. That was such a great idea. I wonder if I should do the same for my aunt's 82nd (or 83rd, can't believe I forget) birthday which is coming up. She is not feeling great these days and that might be a pick-me-up.

    How is your aunt with the spider bite doing? I should check your posts and see if you have told us.

    It is good to know that you are out there prayin', prayin', prayin', Nancy. I will continue to do the same for you. I hope that whatever it is that is out of sync in your body gets straightened out soon.

    Good luck with your concert tomorrow.
    Love, Judy

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    I am sorry I haven't posted much but between not feeling well and just pure exhaustion it has been difficult. I have been off my thyroid meds for 2 days as the doc directed and I am to start them again tomorrow and a lower dose. I sure hope I don't react again.

    I do all natural thyroid meds. I actually take four five different things to control it. It is actaully amazing to see them work. I can tell how I feel and I do blood work lots to check and see if the readings remain in a range acceptable to my Dr. He is considered and expert at treat thyroid naturally.

    That is probably the key ingredient in turning my overwhelming fatigue around. It is my fault that I didn't make arrangement to do bloodwork until now. Actually it was partly both of our faults as the dr. the last time I saw him forgot to give me the order for the lab work.

    Anyway I just got it in the mail today so will need to do that quickly and then follow up with him. I had a mini holiday concert yesteray and it went very well.

    I have had major computer problems at school and I thought I was going to die a few days ago when I thought all my file were gone. They reimaged my computer which means they wiped in clean and reinstalled all the programs again.

    This totally screwed up my backup files and it has been a real nightmare and has cost me my precious few minutes of plan time so now I am stressed trying to play catch up.

    How are you feeling. Cath told me still not good. I haven't had time to read posts the last couple of days. I need to be in bed now. I got up at 3:50am today and didn't get home until 7:00PM. I am past exhaustion.

    I am still praying for you and I have really been lifting up your BIL for his surgery tomorrow.

    I know you have lots on your plate right now. Just hang in there. Thanks for the tips on the....can't remember the name but will look it up when I have time. I didn't realize that Dr. Mercolo is right here in Chicago. I heard him live on TV recently and I take his newsletter.

    Still prayin, prayin, prayin, you, hubby, and BIL.