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    Hey there Mary-I've been seeing Dr. Cain on and off for 6 yrs. He's done all he can for me because I have degenerative spine/bone. that's why i'm trying to find other doctors. I have an apt w/ a Dr. Hienze- that is supposed to be a FM doctor. I don't know if it's FM or chronic fatigue- just know i'm in pain 24/7. Hudson is my sleep doc he's good but i'm hoping i can find someone to get it all. what i really need is a physical therpist that know how to work w/ someone in my condition. If i find a goody i'll let y'all know!
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    I like Dr. Cain. He's been treating me for awhile. Mainly for my headaches. Last time I was there which was a few weeks ago, asked if I had any other problems, as he knows that I had back surgery about 9 years ago. Told him I was beginning to have tingling in my left leg and hand - told him it wasn't that bad yet, he said when it does let him know and he will do a CT on me. (Can't do an MRI as I have a Mechnical valve) Pretty soon though, we are going to have to find another doctor here, as he said he was going to retire in about 2-3 years. I don't know how good the other doctors are in his office. I'm sortof picky who I go to. (I know that my urologist sent me to see a Dr. Bruce who is a specialist in IC, and I must be the only patient that doesn't like him!! Oh well. What can I say??
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    I know what you mean about finding good docs.-I'm picky too. Actually, Dr. Cain also diagnosed my thyroid problem before any other Dr. did. I thought he was crazy at the time and a bit gruff- but when he showed me the bulging disc in my back and told me "you'll be crippled if you don't get this fixed" I was glad I went to him (I'd waited more that a year after symptoms to see anyone). I'll let you know if this Hienze guy pans out - he's a neurologist.