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  1. PVLady

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    I wanted to share with you the massage chair I bought two years ago. I figured since I was so sick, it was a good investment and it has been. I cannot tell you how many times when the stiffness and aching started in my neck, shoulders and lower back, I would use the chair right away.

    It actually has some sort of sensor chip that can tell where the stiffness is in your back. It really seems to work. I am not selling these chairs, just wanted to let you know about them.

    You don't see these chairs in display in stores because they are too expensive - but after alot of research I believe we bought the best one on the market. I use the "tapping" alot, also the "preset program" for neck and shoulders.

    My neighbors even come over to use the chair when they are sick. If you are interested you can do a web search to find retailers. (I saw some who allowed no payments or interest for 1 year). Oh, these chairs are around $3,800. - I know alot of $$$ but I never regreted buying it.

    Here goes:

    Ultimate Sanyo Massage Chair - HEC-SA5000K
    Item #: HEC-SA5000K

    Enjoy a relaxing and therapeutic massage in the comfort of your own home. This relaxing massage chair introduces Sanyo's exclusive stiffness detection and physical shape sensors that provide a unique and personalized massage. Exclusive GK Rollers "grasp and knead" to emulate a live massage. Choose 1 of 4 full-body automatic courses, or 3 lower body courses. To manually control the massage, select one of 8 individual or 12 combination courses including GRIP, SHIATSU, MASSAGE, TAPPING, and multiple STRETCHES. Lower body relief is provided via air bags with exclusive multi-point heated shiatsu massage. Sanyo massage chairs are backed by a full 1-year warranty with 3 years coverage on the roller mechanism.
    Exclusive GK Roller Technology. Rollers reach out and comfortably squeeze from the top of shoulders to the tailbone, emulating the "grasping and kneading" of a live massage.
    Exclusive Stiffness Detection Sensor. Body temperature, perspiration, and pulse rate are monitored during a short evaluation period, followed by a customized massage, focusing on detected areas of stiffness. Choose from FINE, RELAX, STIFFNESS or RECOVERY mode, according to how you feel.
    Physical Shape Sensor adjusts massage rollers automatically to accommodate various body types and shifts in position during massage.
    Leg and Foot Multi-Point Shiatsu Massage. Airbags deliver deep and penetrating relief to feet, calves, and legs. Optional heat setting can be used to promote circulation and relaxation.
    4 Memory Courses allow for storage of personal massage preferences.
    4 Full-body Automatic Courses to address individual massage needs.
    12 Combination Manual Courses include Grip, Shiatsu, Massage, Tapping, lower body, and multiple Stretches.
    Control Panel with Large Multi-Color Display informs the user of massage status and detected areas of stiffness.
    Palm-Size Sub-Controller contains the stiffness detection sensor and controls for fine-tuning massage.
    Power Footrest and Recline to 170 degree angle.
    28-5/16" Vertical Stroke Length.
    5 massage speed settings.
    5 width settings to accommodate your personal size.
    Repeat Feature for continual massage of targeted areas.
    Removable headrest and back pad.
    Soft synthetic black leather covering.

  2. TJC

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    I do not have the same one that you do, but I have a massage chair that I bought off of E-bay. It is one of the ones sold at Sharper Image for about $2000 and I got it brand new on E-bay for $900 (that included shipping). I bought it for my husband for Christmas a couple of years ago. I never really used it much, though he has always loved it.

    Well, I have just recently been diagnosed with FM with severe symptoms for the past six months or so after some trauma --- though I have had minor ones for years before that. I don't know why I did not try the chair for my pain sooner, but just the other night I walked (more like hobbled) by it and decided to give it a try. It was absolutely wonderful! Definitely worth every penny.

    Mine does not have the sensor that yours has, though I do have programs that are set up, or I can set up my own.
  3. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    Using the chair is better than having to take a pain pill. I know to some it may seem like a real extravagance, but I always considered it a medical necessity.

    Its true for me also - I moved it to the bedroom next to our bed. Both my husband and I use it while watching tv -

    If you are hurting and use it, what a relief!!!
  4. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    probably about 10 years friend i were window shopping w/kids...and we sat in those chairs...well our husband's were on the coast guard ship out to sea,,,well we liked those better than i think our men at the time....

    we joked around how we should come here once a week for a massage...

  5. JLH

    JLH New Member

    Wow, does this sound great. I'll have to put this on my Christmas list for this year!!

    I have a large massaging heating pad that I use. It has 2 massaging speeds. It's not as good as this chair, but it does help me when I need it!

    Thanks for the info on the chair!

  6. Sheila1366

    Sheila1366 New Member

    I have sat in a few and they hurt so bad.I can barely stand my husband to hug me.My body just doesn't like any kind of touch.It just hurts.
  7. kimfibro

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    sorry to hear you're experiencing that much pain lately. i hope you get the r&r that will help you.

    the massage chairs: my brother last year bought a leather living room set and the 2 recliners that came w/the set has the massage units built in. i'll tell ya each time i'm there i get right into it.

    it does its best work to my spine and i use a low, slow setting so that it sort of 'kneads' its way up and down the back.

    i'd recommend one to us fibro people any day.

    PITATOO Member

    A few year ago I tried a chair and every time I would use it I would get dizzy and sick to my stomach. ALmost like motion sickness which I have never had because I have been a boater all my life. I now go to a massage therapist at least 3 times a month and she helps a lot. I have tried other hand-held massagers but my hands are too weak and give out. The chair may be a good idea if you are able to return it if it does make things worse.

    I know when I first got sick from FMS and CFIDS I went to a massage therapist and was sicker then ever. It has only been the last 6 years that I have been able to handle a massage. SO I consider that as a step in the right direction. I think my lymphatic system was so clogged that it released all kinds of toxins all at once and made me sicker. About once a month I have my massage therapist to a light lymphatic drainage and I am sick for a day or two after but recover and feel better.

  9. slowdreamer

    slowdreamer New Member

    Need to report same response as Pitatoo to Massage Chair. Wondering if it could be the Electro Magnetic Radiation.
  10. bluestanglady

    bluestanglady New Member

    There was a display set up in a health store at our mall about a year ago and my husband and I tried them out. It really felt so good when I was reclining and sitting there. BUT --- the next morning I could hardly move! I was totally out of service for about 3 days after that. Massage chairs are definitely not for me!!!


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