massage/chiro reaction?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jplatt, May 17, 2006.

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    I've tried the chat twice, but keep having trouble trying to post anything, so I'll try here. I was diagnosed in March and have found that taking Elavil for sleep at night and adjusting my schedule has helped enormously. However, yesterday I went for message therapy (where she did a little deeper work that she had been doing since diagnosis)and chiropractic session (with activator) and today I feel set back two months! It's not just soreness from tight muscles, but the whole set of symptoms, brain fog, dizzy, weak - non-functional. Does anyone have expereince with negative reactions to massage or chiropractic treatment? We knew to change from deep tissue massage to gentler one, did we move too fast toward deeper again, or could combo of massage and chiro in one day be a problem?

    LISALOO New Member

    I always feel worse after massage. I know it helps the body elimate toxins, which always makes us feel worse, and we're full of toxins!

    Drink a lot of water after! They tell me it's supposed to move toxins out instead of moving them around.
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    I agree that sometimes massage can release a lot of toxins. I make sure I have an Epsom salts bath afterwards along with rest and lots of water. You may need to work up to this more slowly. Massage therapy can be very beneficial so I wouldn't give up yet. I doubt if it's the combination of the 2. I get Chiro and Shiatsu on the same day quite often and we think it is actually a good comnination.
    You reaction may not last long. See how you are before your next treatment. Your therapist should know and should be able to help you modify the treatment.

    Good luck and I hope you feel better.
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    I haven't tried the massage, so I can't help you there.

    But, I did try going to the chiro. Never in my whole life did I ever feel worse and more broken! My list of troubles after that is just too long. He had me on a 3x/week schedule for nearly a year. I just couldn't justify it. It's been about a month now since the last time I went to him. I have no desire to go back. Although my pain meds aren't doing as much as I hoped, it's still better for me than chiro was.

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    ...since my last experience with one last Fall, and finding out I actually had stress fractures in my sacrum (don't know if chiro caused it or made it worse). He made me want to scream in pain. This particular quack also did not even believe in FM. I can't believe I even stayed with him 2 weeks. I guess desperation from pain will make us do a lot of things.

    Please be careful. Anything that makes you feel worse should not be continued, in my opinion.
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    I am a massage therapist and understand somewhat. When I get am massage sometimes I feel really yucky afterwards, from toxins being stirred up I think. Be really careful with choosing a massage therapist.Make sure that he/she is educated on fibromyalgia. Some therapists are not flexible with their pressure. Sometimes it hurts so good, but sometimes it hurts so bad. If your massage is too painful to bear- you need to find another therapist. From experience, if you get really sore all over and feel like you had a flare afterwards you don't need to do it. Massage therapy can be very beneficial- but just make sure you choose the right therapist for you. Hope this helps.

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    My massage therapist and chiropractor liked to have me see them both on the same day. I generally didn't have any problem. I was usually quite tired and slept a lot the next 24 hours. I think this was partly due to the relief of tight, sore muscles making it easier to sleep, so my body took full advantage.

    One time I got careless, and did not drink enough water. I felt terrible! Never did that again.