massage good... severe fatigue/fog for days after...anyone?

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    years ago, i quit any sort of bodywork, due to my severe hypersensitivity in the area of my head and neck, due to bad herniated discs/bone spurs/spinal stenosis (C-5-7). (i used to have migraines for years, and often still get them in clusters). plus, i always get so dizzy when anyone moves my head around, or even touches it much. not to mention the migraines that would result from even non-cracking chiropractic.

    i got excited when i heard a speaker recently (a healer: precision neuromuscular massage and raw food specialist--who also highly believes in being IN nature and touching the earth as much as possible; don't laugh!)... who had healed himself since a pretty bad car accident. (he also studied trigger point massage). i was hopeful for the first time in years. i've always believed that the mess in my neck affected at least part of my illness. at least the numbness all over, the bad circulation, other stuff (i was too afraid to do the questionable fusion surgery). they originally thought i had MS... with all the neurologic stuff. but somehow, i trusted this massage/healer. he said that he could see bones in my neck that shouldn't even be there, causing blockage.

    he even agreed that if i wanted, he would avoid working on my upper body (i felt safe)! the massage itself was one hour, and was as amazing, as i had hoped. he worked alot on my feet and legs (sometimes painful, but in a good way). even during the massage i felt new circulation in my hands and feet that i hadn't felt in ages--my hands and feet are always cold and toes even slightly blue sometimes. i was so relaxed afterward. and the most amazing thing was that when i went to back my car up, i could turn my neck farther than i could in a long time, without pain (and he never worked above my waist!... he said it would help the neck, but i had a hard time believing it til i experienced it).

    he said i should feel more energetic in about 3 days (not sure how much about CFS he knew... or if that was a standard time for non-CFS people).

    ok, long story long:... i felt great the rest of that massage day, if a little tired. i could feel a rug better under my usually mostly-numb feet, too! the next day (as expected, i was pretty wiped out). but the third day, i felt SEVERE fatigue that i rarely feel (even with cfs)!... the type where you feel like all the plugs have been pulled, and you're lightheaded and totally brainfogged. and super blurry vision. like walking drugged. i could barely drive (the few times i felt this before were when i was manically about to leave for vacation and had been pushing myself hard for days... or during a move). almost as if, if there were any more fatigue, you'd be immediately asleep or literally passed out....

    now it's been almost a week since the massage... and i'm only a tiny bit better... just want to sleep all the time and can't see well or really think much. (just more of the USUAL dd, but worse. lol).

    ok, i will admit, that during the week, there were also some REALLY intense yelling/stress matches between me and my "significant(?)" other. all over the phone, but still. lots of intense crying (and that will wipe me out as well). what a buzz kill, i know (and some of that was actually him not wanting me to get too hopeful about some new "massage cure" just to be let down). ok, so yes, i am also factoring that stress in.

    i really think the massage did some good. but i sure can't afford to get this kind of post-exertional malaise all the time. i might as well have gone to the gym--which i can't do (lol). i just had sooo much hope. the healer was even saying that the bodywork, over time, could fix the neck and heal the horrid herpes outbreaks (oh, that was also going on all week, to add to fatigue).

    maybe i can go back to someone (the person i saw was just here speaking; doesn't live here) and get similar, but 1/2 hour work (my massage was one hour), more often (though it's very expensive and i'm on SSDI)...

    anyone else experience this?

    ;) helene

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