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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Beth37, Jan 14, 2003.

  1. Beth37

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    Hi,has anyone had massage therapy? I have had 2 sessions,and they sure hurt.Thier telling me to stick with it,no pain,no gain.I was just wondering if anyone has had it, if it helped them and if it hurt.My 2nd one was today and I seen the chiro afterwards and he adjusted my hip.Really painful.He said that with my neck problems,that my hips would shift.OUCH.I would appreciate any reply.Thanks! Beth I feel like a big baby!!!
  2. pierbum

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    I have FMS, and have massage therapy done once a week. My therapist does not put me through excessive pain, and the massages do help me. My neck, shoulders, entire back and hips have the most pain, achiness, burning. The weekly massages help give me some break from the daily unending pain.

    If there is much pain with a massage, you should speak up and ask why it is necessary. Educate yourself on this.
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    Hi Beth,
    I have been getting massage for several months now and I swear by it! Yes,it does hurt very much.But,it has stopped those terrible spasms I used to get in my shoulders and neck.You must be deligent in getting a massage on a regular basis.Don't wait until those muscles are so tight that you can't stand it.I go every 2 weeks and that works well for me.
  4. healing

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    I get physical therapy weekly but I hesitate to call it "massage." It is very gentle, generally not body-wide in any one session. It does usually leave me quite sore and fatigued, but a day later I feel much better.

    I did get a zero-balancing treatment once and it was *very* helpful. You can find a practitioner on the Web. Again, it left me very sore, but a day or so later, so much more flexible and....balanced! Even foot reflexology has helped me.

    Get them to put you in some heat packs afterward if you're really sore. Or even before, if you're just not stretch-able or flexible. Then go home and rest, take something to take the edge off -- like an Advil or a big glass of wine! Take it easy the next day.
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    I've been receiving massages for years, even before I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Yes it can hurt, but here are some things that may help you.

    1) Go to a therapist who has dealt with FM clients. They will be a little more sensitve to your needs.

    2) After your massage, drink lots of water. Massage not only relaxes your muscles, but it releases toxins from muscle tissue. You need to flush these toxins out. If you don't, it can cause you to have flu-like symptoms...making you feel worse.

    3) After your massage, take a warm bath in epsom salts or essential oils. This will further relax the muscles and release toxins. This will also help you from hurting and feeling sore.
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    Hi,Just wanted to thank all of you for your replies.I really appreciate it.I am going to hang in there for a couple more sessions,and if it doesn't get any better,I am going to cancel the rest.Thanks again! Beth
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    I had massage therapy in May/June 02. The first two sessions were HELL - I was in bad pain for 2 weeks straight. I had not been dxed at the time, so my therapist suggested relaxation massage. The pain got much better after the 3rd session. My insurance will now pay for this so I will be starting it up soon. It is important to have a therapist who is familiar with FM as they say we must have gentler massage.

    Stick with it - You will see improvement I bet.
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    I had massage therapy & loved it!!! LOVED it!! Only stopped because I was paying out-of-pocket, and it got expensive. I do believe, as others have mentioned, it helps enormously when you have a therapist who knows you have FM, and is aware of how to deal with the FM body; and don't be afraid to let them know if something hurts you, so they can adjust the pressure, etc. But I found it very helpful, as long as it was gentle...

    Good luck!
  9. Milo83

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    I just started seeing a chiro and massage therapist..The message feels great and I do feel better afterwards..She always tells me to tell her if she is doing it too hard..She says she has some fibro patients that can barely stand it, so she trys to take it easy on most..
    Why don't you tell them to start slow and gradually go deeper, that way it will not be such a shock to your body..- Just a suggestion!!
    But don't be afraid to speak up, if it hurts too much..
    Take Care........Donna