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  1. YBrechin

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    Hi, my name is Yvonne, I'm 41 years old and I too have fibromyalgia. I was diagnosed earlier this year after breaking my ribs in a skiing accident the previous year. I take 10mg of amytriptiline every night which helps with the morning spasms but find it is becoming less and less effective. I don't really want to double the dose but have on a couple of bad occasions. I wondered if anybody had any ideas or advice on whether diet plays a part (if red wine and chocolate do, then i'm jumping of the bridge!!) or if they found any supplements or alternative therapies worked. I've tried accupunture and after my first treatment I slept like a log. This was unfortunately a one off. I have also tried a mineral drink supplement called Recuperation which i bought off the internet. It has been invented by a guy who claims to have cured himself of fibromyalgia. Do you think you can get rid of fibromyalgia? I went to a local support group but didn't go back. I'm afraid seeing about 70% of the people there with walking aids or arm splints of some description didn't do much for my spirits. The thing I.m thinking about at the moment is getting a tempura mattress that moulds to your body shape. They are very expensive and I would appreciate if anybody has tried one, good or bad. Does anybody else find that when they are having a bad period that their body temperature seems to go haywire?. I find i am so hot and my back in particular seems to radiate heat. Sorry for seeming to do nothing but moan, but working full time and having two kids that seem to be forever needing lifts to places, really tires me out. I just feel if i could get a good night sleep and wake up one morning pain free and not getting out of bed like i'm 90, would be so great. It seems so long ago that I actually woke up feeling refreshed and not in pain. Well I hope some of you fellow sufferers can offer me some advice or just moan along with me to keep me company. Thanks for listening Yvonne.
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    Ah the great mattress hunt!! I tried out the Tempurpedic at the store and boy it is comfortable. Then I went to epinions and got reviews, and remedyfind and got reviews. I found out that after a few yrs. many people didn't like them as much as when they first bought them for a number of reasons.

    It is to much money to spend if it isn't going to work out. I'd say do some research on the net and decide for yourself weather it's worth the purchase. Some of the most interesting bedding out there that might help, is also the most expensive. One of the beds I researched is latex foam. Really stands up, 25yrs. Comes in different feels, firmer to softer. Latex is natural rubber. Then they make these soft side waterbeds topped with either memory foam or latex. Those looked interesting. All very pricey.

    The biggest problem for me is, it may or may not be comfortable once you get it home and have to sleep on it.
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    We bought a Thermopedic mattress, which is like the Tempurpedic ones, about five months ago. Our old mattress was 10 year old and felt like a lumpy bed of rocks to me. My husband thought it was fine, but he suggested the new bed for me. We went to the bed store and I tried all the mattresses. The one we bought was the only one that caused no pressure at all.

    What a difference! I don't wake up from pain much anymore, only from regular old insomnia. Sometimes I sleep for 4-6 hours now. Before the new bed, I would go 2 hours max and usually not be able to go back to sleep for a long time because of the pain.

    I still have pain most days, all day, but when I wake up in the morning (before I get out of bed), I don't hurt. It's like floating on water. I won't go so far as to say my sleep was refreshing, but I sleep and I don't wake up in pain.

    This board is my support group. I've learned so much and feel hopeful about feeling better. I've started going to a Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Center for a complete diagnosis and treatment. I learned about the FFCs here. I have FM and CFS and on and gets so boring to talk about!

    Yes, FM messes up your thermostat. I never know whether I'll be hot or cold from one minute to the next. The new mattress seems about the same as the old one for making me feel really hot. I've heard that some people don't like them because they get too warm. I don't care about being hot, as long as I can sleep. I just open the window and turn the fan on.

    Here's a hug (((o)))!

  4. Smiffy

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    Hi, I bought a 2" memory foam mattress topper from QVC, as it could be sent back if it didn't help. It's been absolutely brilliant, both for my pain & hubby's arthritis.
  5. Suzan

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    Sorry you are having such a struggle! As for the mattress..I have a fibro friend that owns one..and she still wakes up stiff and tired, so it isn't a cure all for her. I own a memory foam topper, and although it does help some with my comfort sleeping-and waking as well- it is just one small part of making myself feel better. I took amitriptyline when I was first diagnosed. Like you it worked for a while..but then seemed to lose effectiveness for me. I also had dry mouth, and weight gain because of it. So I chose not to take that anymore. I do use Valerian root , which is an herb, and that does help me sleep when I have trouble. I think that the body temperature issue affects many of included! I don't think that it is likely that the drink you have found will erradicate your symptoms. Although you may find it is useful for you.
    As you may know, there is no cure at this time for FMS. There are a lot of different protocols that people try, with varying degrees of success.
    I am of the opinion that the best we can do for ourselves at this point in time is to eat a healthy diet, do light stretching and aerobic exercise, like walking or swimming, and rest when we can so we don't wear ourselves out! Talk to your doctor about the spasms..there are some drugs available that should help with that. You didn't mention pain, but there are also a variety of things to help control pain-which could be necessary for a busy mom.
  6. YBrechin

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    Hi thanks for taking the time to reply, I will look up the web sites you suggested and let you know if I buy one and it is successful.

  7. Fudge43

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    Hi there .. I haven't used the mattress myself but thought of buying one .. but a friend of mine did because she had shoulder injuries .. hard time sleeping .. she liked it for a few nights then she decided it wasn't helping .. she was lucky to be able to return it and try another type of mattress .. I have a sponge topper that sort of helps .. but I still have quite a bit of pain when I get up and I don't usually sleep more than 2 hours at a time .. I really have to get help for that .. I'm wondering now if anyone is taking a high does of amitriptilyne (spelling ) like I am .. I take 50 mg at 7 PM .. then another 50 at 9 PM along with 1500mg of L-Tryptophan .. 7.5 Zopiclone and a generic gravol so I don't get nausea .. so I'm actually taking 100 mg of ami .. could this be bad ? because I still don't sleep well .. beating a dead horse ?
  8. WoodstocksMusic

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    The memory foam topper was terrific. But as others have said it was not a cure all...just an improvement.

    A Year later I bit the bullet and purchased a select number matterss set. This air mattress is a "God send".

    I have been sleeping on it for 18 months now and you would have to take it away from me over my COLD DEAD BODY.

    I am able to adjust the firmness during the night as I flip from back to side to stomach.... The first few months I moved it up and down all night long... Now I sometimes go a month or 2 without changing it. Really bad flares now I only adjust it a couple of times during the night.

    It was expensive (I bought the middle price range) but it was worth every penny I paid for it!

  9. razorqueen

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    that is a LOT of Amitriptyline! I used to take Zopiclone too. Now I take 1.25mg of Clonazapam and I don't need the Zopiclone at all. The L-Triptophan didn't work for me either,made my tummy upset. I got off of the amitriptyline because of the weight gain. Talk to your dr. about the clonazapam, alot of FMers use it with great sucess!
  10. razorqueen

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  11. Nahna

    Nahna New Member

    We tried the Sleep number bed and returned it within 2 weeks. Just hated it.
    We then bought a pillow top mattress and like it. I have since bought a foam topper....square Sears and it is wonderful. I am comfortable the minute I get into bed.
    I do not toss and turn. I have very little pain upon waking.
    I do not believe that you can get rid of fibromyalgia. There are times of some lessening of pain, but mine has constantly gotten worse....I call it progressive. I have gotten so much help from altering my diet with the help of a nutritionist that works with fibro patients.
  12. Bruin63

    Bruin63 Member

    it's the Feathermattress's.
    I have 2 on my bed, and I foled another one in half and have that on my couch.
    No one knew for awhile that I had done that, just that it was so comfortable to sit or lay on.
    I keep pretty sheets on my furniture, and have for years.

    I can stand the dust that collects in furniture, and I can't stand the chemicals that are needed to clean them.
  13. YBrechin

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    Hi Nahna and everyone else who has been kind enough to take time to give me their experiences of mattresses. Nahna can you explain what a sleep number mattress is please. Is it only availabe in America? I am in Aberdeen in Scotland and have spent most of my afternnon in bed with strange men!!!! Seriously I have been trying out these foam toppers and mattresses in several bed stores and feel pretty confident i'm going to buy one of them soon. I've been looking at QVC and they have several that may be suitable. I also had a trip to my local health shop and bought some grapeseed tablets as several people seem to have found them beneficial. The more I read the topics on the web site the better i feel, knowing I'm not alone in thinking i;m losing my marbles when i go into a room and can't remember what i'm there for. I think i've probably been denying how FM affects me. The other day I had to stop several times while blow drying my hair because my arm hurt so much. I thought I must have a virus or be coming down with something but really it was just the FM. I was given Voltirol from my GP before being diagnosed which I didn't like and didn't help. The consultant at the Rhuematology dept said to bin them and to use Ibobrufon. I take about six a day but would be keen to know if there is a better painkilling drug that has a longer lasting effect. I think I will try to get my GP to test my thyroid(advice from another site) and get a test for food intolerences to check out the carb theory.

    It's great to share my moans and groans with people who understand, just wish it was a nicer thing we had in common.

  14. judymay

    judymay New Member

    I LOVE MY SLEEP NUMBER BED!!!!! It is the best thing we ever did. It improved my sleep trmendously. You should really try it.
    The only thing is it makes you hard to go away because you want your bed. Good Luck! Judy
  15. Kira451

    Kira451 New Member

    I love my Sleep Number Bed! The great thing about it is that it is adjustable to how you are feeling on any given night. You can make it as hard or soft as you need, whenever you need. It also has the most comfortable pillowtop to it. For years I had a waterbed, but I just couldn't get in and out of it any more. Plus, I got a heated mattress pad so that if I have the chills, I can turn that on too. What a wonderful solution! Nothing is perfect, and my sleep is still not good, but at least I am as comfortable as I can be given my situation. I know QVC sells Sleep Number beds, but there are also authorized dealers as well. I am not sure about outside the US. I would do a search online and see. GL, and I hope you find a good mattress solution. Kira
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  16. fivesue

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    We bought a Comfort Select...I think that's the name...and it's a air bed used in hospitals for bedsore patients, and it was chosen by Christopher Reed's medical staff before he died.

    It has no motor, but it does have an adjustment that lets you have a softer or firmer bed. The bed works on room air...Boyle's Law is the reason it works...whatever that means. It has a 90 day trial so we are into about the third week. My back is far better than it was 3 weeks ago. It has taken some time, but I'm definitely better than on our innersprings mattress.

    My husband does't think it's the best, but I have noticed he is sleeping more soundly than normal so it can't be too bad. We are planning to sleep on it for another month and see how it goes. Right now, I'm jazzed because I was waking each day with a horrid backache and now I'm not.

    Don't know much difference between the beds, but this seems to be a good choice for us.

    My legs, knees, hands,feet, etc. still hurt in the morning, but at least my back is better. Such a relief.

    So, good fortune in finding an answer. I'm not sure if I sleep much better as I have an real sleeping problem. But, last night I slept all night, and I awoke without a backache.

  17. YBrechin

    YBrechin New Member

    Hi Suzan, I was wondering if you could tell me what other kind of pain relief is successfully used by FM sufferers. I take about 6 Ibobrufen a day and am never really pain free, just different levels of discomfort. I'm making an appointment with my GP to have my thyroid levels looked at and while there would like to discuss pain relief with him. If it is a drug only available in the US we may have a similiar version in the UK. It's times like this when you are ill that you realize how lucky we are to have the NHS. It's £6.75GBP per item which is excellent value. I tried out the epsom salts bath on Monday as I was really sore and weepy as I had hardly slept the night before, mixture of pain and insomnia, the insomnia being a recent problem for me. I normally just wake up because I'm in pain but seem to be unable to get back to sleep recently.

    Thanks for your time

  18. Mareeok

    Mareeok New Member

    ... I can take up to four tablets a day (25mg per tablet). It has worked very well for me. I am able to sleep again. Depending on how much pain I am in determines how many I take and when. For instance, one during the day and three at night, etc.

    I bought one of those mattresses that you raise the upper and lower part of the bed. It also has built in massage with many different settings. I love it. First thing I bought with my divorce money (LOL). It is not a soft soft mattress but it works for me.

    I hope you find the best mattress for you soon. Everything is worse whenyou don't sleep well.

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  19. sleepyinlalaland

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    It just sort of evolved over the last year out of desperation.

    Lying down for over 5 minutes on any regular bed is hardly better than lying on a stone slab....I am majorly uncomfortable. I had surrounded myself with an insane amount of pillows to cushion pressure points until I actually began to lay the pillows out flat over my sleeping area and slept on top of that. That was an improvement, but still too much "pillow-wrangling" during night.

    Finally I figured....why not just get sheets of the fiberfill that was in my pillows and lay it under my sheet. I did so. Two sheets of extra-thick batting, and it is fabulous. I don't think a pillow-top could be much better. I also have a sheet of foam under that I put down in an earlier attempt to get comfy, so that probably helps, but I think the batting alone is very helpful. I still use a lot of pillows, but have cut down.

    I can't afford a pillowtop or any other fancy bed and this solution is very economical. ...and because I sleep alone, I was able to double the fabric to just cover just half of the bed. My made-up bed looks kinda goofy with half of it elevated with several inches of loft, but I no longer have to arise before I'm ready because of pain.
  20. Mareeok

    Mareeok New Member

    ...making your own soft bed pillows! Yhey sound very soft and comphy.

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