mattress recommendation - firbromyalgia

Discussion in 'Transfer Factor' started by woodsides, Jun 15, 2004.

  1. woodsides

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    Our firm mattress is killing my nerves in my back and legs. Get 3 hours of sleep, and it becomes painful in that position. Does have any one who has had a mattress recommended by a doctor or fibro. advocate that they have tried. Through this recommendation a perfect mattress was found for comfort and sound sleep?
  2. gnanny

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    I got one of the memory foam mattress toppers. If you have a couple of brands to choose from go for the thicker and heavier one. I had gotten one, loved it! the house burnt down. Needed another one but couldnt find the same brand (wish I could remember the name) it seemed much lighter in weight and thinner. It wasnt as good. When I saw the first one at another store I jumped at the opportunity to bring it home. Aaaah! much better. Even king size was under $150. Much cheaper than a new mattress.
    I hope this helps a little, I see the date is a month ago but I am new here, so I hope you still see it.
    Take care~