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    hey curious what mattresses work best for those of you with pain and spinal issues? I seem to do best with a supportive mattress that is dense but soft on top.....I am in market for a new one and so many feel good lyiing on it at store but dont really know til I get home. I know I dont like tempurapedic altho memory foam on top is good.
    I also would like to avoid a lot of chemicals but dont want to spend thousands of dollars........
    any advice?
  2. MicheleK

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    I put a memory foam 3 inch topper on my firm mattress. It has worked really well for me for two years now. But when you first get a memory foam pad, you really need to let it air out, outside for a day. There are definitely chemicals in the memory foam. You can smell them when you open the package.
  3. Nanie46

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    We bought a Kingsdown mattress a few years ago and I really love it.

    It is very supportive, but very soft on top.

    It was about $2000 if I remember correctly.

    You can Google Kingsdown to check them out.
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    which did me fine for awhile then I decided to buy a 4" memory foam ( and I like that. No smell from it though I had been warned by friends. Sometimes I feel like the "princess and the pea". Can't believe I used to be able to sleep on the floor or hard dirt when I went camping. I sleep on a sleep # bed when I go to visit at my daughter's house and have to crank it up all the way to l00!

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    I bought a 4 inch memory foam topper for my bed. I bought a 3 inch first & took it back as it was not comfortable enough. I then found a four inch one on clearance. I love it. The only problem I have had with it is that it seems to make me sweat. So I bought a heavily quilted 100% cotton mattress pad & put that over the foam. That solved the sweaty problem! I spent under $150 for both items. Clearance is my friend!

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    I wonder how You can get help to get one if you arent financially able to buy one.. or if there is even help out there for that..
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    lol, i was asking the same question a few months ago. can't sleep on memory foam makes me too hot. then bought one that was lovely, but did have foam sides, again baking hot. was toying with a latex top mattress but by this point thinking if this makes me hot its going to work out expensive. So best to buy a pocket sprung mattress, and a separate topper. i have a normal mattress and a thick duvet on top and so far not sweating.
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    I've had fibro for 23 yrs. and used a waterbed the whole time. I've never been able to use other mattresses, but the memory foam on top of another mattress whould be second choose. you can get a queen size for $200-300. you don't need waveless. good luck.
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    My husband and I both love the Cuddle Ewe mattress topper.