May 12 Awareness Cartoon and More

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    ME/CFS Awareness Day is today. What is a simple thing you can do? E-mail President Obama and ask him to keep his promise. Priscilla has drawn an attention-getting cartoon. Just three easy steps:

    We have patients busy doing demonstrations in Washington, visiting Congressmen and testifying before the CFSAC this week. Those of us at home can do our part.

    Be sure and help spread this video to others:
    Some volunteers with MCWPA participated in this demonstration.

    We are pleased to announce the MCWPA public service announcement ( )is being aired in Augusta Georgia since April 25 on the ABC station. So far, it is being aired an average of four times a day. Look for it in more stations in that market. Also, we expect it will be aired in IOWA, Vermont and a long version in West Michigan. A 20-minute version is expected to be aired in New York City. Comment on this thread if you would like to help in distributing the public service announcement.

    MCWPA Team

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    Yes, and instructions here:

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