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  1. ojam

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    Good evening everyone !! Did I miss prayer time?? It's past 8pm for me ,and I just wanted you all to know reading your notes give me hope where I thought there was none; and it also makes me ashamed I complain when so many of you have so much more wrong.I will send my small prayer to God and hope you will have a moment of peace and good health. A favorite passage of mine is ...The Beatitudes, in ,val
  2. Dazee

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    Well I am not sure if we were to all meet here, I thought so. That's okay...I wanted to give praise to the Lord for all the wonderful things and people in my life. Many I take for granted and trying to change that kind of thinking...
    I often don't feel very well, but praise God, it could be so much worse...I know in His infinite mercy He will restore each and every one of His children and lift them up out of the valley that they dwell.
    I offer up a prayer for all of my new friends here in particular that their needs be made known and that His blessings of a life of abundance is lived everyday.
    God Bless You all...
  3. Harmony

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    Hi Ojam and Dazee,
    I'm here! It's so nice to have you with us on the Worship Board and to be here participating in the Prayer Night. Thanks for your prayers and may God bless you abundantly.

  4. Shirl

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    Goodevening Ladies, it seems we are all here tonight! My time for the PST is 11pm, but was checking if there were anymore request for tonight.

    Thank you all for your prayers, will continue to pray for all requests, and the whole board in general.

    God Bless,

    Shalom, Shirl
  5. Deb J

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    I thought it was supposed to be 8pm board time...which would be Santa Barbara and PST.
    That's why I have been doing it at 11pm my time which is EST.
    I guess the main thing is that we all do it sometime tonite..right? It will still be heard regardless.
    If anyone figures it out, let us know before next week so we can at least be on the same wave length. If it's 11pm PST that would be in the middle of the night for me...2am...ugh...I may just have to send them by the early express.
  6. Harmony

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    Shirl is on Eastern Standard time. You are correct! We wouldn't want you to stay up till 2am! LOL