may i ask for a prayer for my father in law,please

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    we just found out he has to go for a blood transfusion tomorow. he went to the Dr. mon. because his ankels were swollen[ for 3 weks , as we found out today]- and apparently the Dr. was poking around , and found that his liver is swollen or enlarged. they took a bunch of blood at the office, his appointment was at 10am, well that same afternoon, another Dr. called them and told them that he is severly anemic, his regular Dr. would call him in the morning [today]- AND - if he had any shortness of breath or pain around or at his heart, to take him directly to the ER.
    when the Dr.called today, she told him he has to have a blood transfusion tomorow[wens], his blood volume or blood count[ mother in law was unsure what the Dr. said] is only at 50% of what it should be.he is not to do anything tonight, not even walk around unless it is to go the the bathroom,..he also has a CAT scan scheduled for thursday, this was changed from an ultrsound ; for some reason she changed her mind. the Dr. said it was imperative to get his blood level? back up ASAP, then they will hunt down the reason for the sudden anemia.[ he did have a complete physical, maybe 6 months ago, and all bloodwork,.. was fine then].
    i am trying to talk my mother in law to letting me go w/ her, as they have to travel about 1 hour and 1/2 to get to the outpatient felcility[sp], and the procedure would take about 6 far , she wants to go alone, i am just worried she will be a wreck to drive home after the long day,and she does have a tendancy to get lost after a long day like this will be.i did give her my tracphone to use, for emergcies[car breakdown or she gets lost]and hopefully she will let me know how things are going during the day also.

    i have been doing some research, but there are many kinds of anemia, and my mother in law wasn't sure if they told her which it was, or they haven't determined that yet.

    well, just talking about it has made me feel a little better, i am greatful the my mother in law insisted that he should go to the Dr.'s yesterday.

    take care, and i will be praying for all of you tonight as well, toni.m
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  2. Harmony

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    I sure will be in prayer for your father-in-law.
    I know how concerned you all must be. We will trust the Lord to meet his needs, physically and emotionally. Let us know how he is.

  3. Shirl

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    Will be praying for your father-in-law that they find out what the problem is quickly. And for your mother-in-laws driving and her strength to keep her up through this.

    God bless hon, and you take care of yourself too.

    Shalom, Shirl
  4. deecrossett

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    You bet, Toni. Prayers are being said for all 3 of you. May God watch over and keep your Father and Mother-in-law. And may God ease the burden of stress from your brow. Blessings, Deena
  5. toni.m

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    now as i spoke to my sister in law and found out a little more information.she told me that when my father in law went to the Dr. on mon. they asked him if he had started drinking again- he is an alcholic[sp] but quit 5 years ago, cold turkey, and hasn't touched anything since then. his liver tests back then were not that great, which is why he stopped drinking.
    Sorry- my hubby can home and i had to get off the computer quickly.

    ok, where i left off, apparently they sent my father in law out to the car when his examination was finished, but asked my mother in law to go sit in the waiting room. then the Dr. came out to speak to her, and asked her again if he had started drinking agian.she reassured the Dr. that he had not, because way back when his liver studies came back and showed some damage , it really scared him, and he hasn't touched a drop since.he went through hell, stopping w/ o any help, AA or anything- but he has a real stubburn streak and he was determined; as the Dr. had told him he would never live to see his grandchildren grow up if he continuied drinking.
    so , right now it seems as if they think his liver is involved w/ this problem. my sister in law said she saw him with out a shirt on and she could see a slight protrussion[?] on the side where his liver is, so now i am really worried. the Dr. also alluded that this might not be the only transfusion he may need. we will not know anything more about what is causing his severe anemia untill they do the CAT sran tomorow- i hope they will see a Dr. right after the test [if the DR.s are able to get some kind of answers to what is going on] not knowing what the underlying cause of the anemia is very nerve racking.

    well, i will post more if i find out anything later.
    and thank all of you again for helping me through this difficult time- i don't know what i would do with out you guys, you all are so kind and giving.
    i will continue to keep all of you in my prayers also, take care, toni.m

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  6. LBinCA

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    Dear Toni...

    My prayers and thoughts are with your family this morning. It is so hard to see family members go through these things. If you ever need to talk about the alcoholism, please feel free to email me at the address below. My father is a recovering alcoholic, along with others in my family, I know the reprocussions of such things first-hand. My love and prayers go out to you.

    In His Name,

  7. toni.m

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    wanted to post a reply to thank everyone for their support- but we still do not even know which type of anemia it is.
    would there be anyone w/ medical expereince around - that might have some insight[opinions-not a daignosis, of course]

    this is what i do know , he had a complete phyical, blood work, a test for blood in stool{ the kind you do at home, and bring the evelope back to the Dr.- not an colonospy[sp] }all the standard things they check at an yearly phyical- within the last 6 months, and everything was fine, except for ongoing problems w/ his back,,..

    since the blood work taken this monday, the dr. has told him he has severe anemia, stop taking the Lipitor for high cholstirol[sp]- now it is too low,his liver is enlarged, she 'felt' this during the exam, he needed the blood tranfusion right away, his numbers were 26, and it should be 57.5?
    at first she ordered an ultrasound of liver, kidneys, and ?spleen? - than she changed her mind and wanted an CAT Scan instead.he was told this on tues. and he still does not have an opointment yet.
    he did have seroise[sp] shortness of breath when they were doing the 1st bag of blood during the transfusion- the nurse had to call his dr. and get an order for Lasix{sp][ worried about fluid over-load]. the nurse was also concerned about the fliud thing as he is havng difficulty walking around,.. he had to lift his leg w/ his hand when getting into the car,..i not sure if this was due the the swelling of ankel or pain in his legs.
    he is still having shortness of breath this morning- but my mother in law would not call the dr. today when i asked her to , she said ' she allready knows that from when they were doing the transfusion'. i thought it warrented an update to the dr. that it was still going on- it kept him from sleeping much of the night.

    so, i am releived he has gotten the transfusion- but we still don't have any idea as to why this came on so suddenly- or what his DX is!
    sorry i rambled on so much- i am just very worried and feel that they might need to push the dr. to get things moving a little faster, so we can find out just what is going on, and what he needs for treatment,..

    thank you again for your prayers and support- i would surly be a basket case by now if i didn't have you guys to turn to.

    i will continue to keep all of you in my prayers also,
    take care, toni.m

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  8. Ellie

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    There are so many that need pray this week. I pray for gods strenght in us all. Ellie