May I share something special that has happened to me?

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by bandwoman, Oct 1, 2006.

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    I was selected to be in the latest edition of Who's Who Among American Teachers. The book has just come out a few weeks ago and I wanted to share this special thing with you. One of my former students who remains anonymous nominated me to be in this organization. This student must have been a Who's Who either from high school or college. They select a teacher who made a difference in their life. I am extremely honored and humbled at this nomination.

    I don't have children of my own to make a difference in their lives so that makes it very special to me. I just wanted to let all of you know that each one of you has made a difference in my life. I truly mean that. I look forward to coming to this board and reading and sharing and praying.

    This past summer I took part in an online fibro study and afterwards I was sharing with a friend that I really felt a stirring from the Lord. I told this friend I feel like maybe when I retire I want to somehow help FM people. I told her I didn't know exactly how that would happen but that is what I felt. Shortly afterwards I find all of you here and a worship board.... who ever in their wildest imagination would believe such a thing existed. I am limited in time and energy because I still am actively teaching and dealing with FM but I do consider it an honor to pray for you and I consider it an honor to be able to share with many of you. Thank you all for being here and being very real. I love that. It is exciting also to see how God is working and to see answers to our collective prayers. I won't make this longer so.........

    Thank you all and I love you.

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    I haven't said hi yet, i haven't been as active here for awhile as i was.
    So i missed out on greeting you.

    That is so great, and yes, special, to be honored like that.
    To know you made a difference for someone!

    Being here on the worship board, is so helpful to us all. Not only do we receive, but we get to give too.

    And that is so important, because my life has become so narrow i no longer have much contact with the outside world.

    This is a great outlet for giving and recieving ministry, and make us feel like we can touch someone else life.

    Just what you are doing teaching, a good teacher is priceless, a calling, not a job.
  3. bandwoman

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    It is nice to meet you too. I see you love horses and you still have a pony. That is really neat. I love animals. I have a cat. She is my 14 year old baby soon to be 15. She is great company for me as I live alone. Of course since she rules the house she would probably tell you that I live with her. LOL. Well you take care and it is nice to meet another friend.

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    I am so happy for you! What an amazing person that you must be! Can you share the whole article with us?

    Nancy, I do believe that you have a real calling here. I praise our Lord that he sent you! We have so many hurting people. We all try to give support, but all of us our so sick and it is hard at times to give the much needed support and encouragement. I am so thankful to see other believers here. Hopefully the Lord will strengthen us at different times so that the love and encouragement continues to flow.

    I just want you to know that I feel your kind and loving spirit and I am so very thankful for you! I love you too, Tam
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    What a great award!!!!!!!! Makes me think of the movie Mr. Holland's Opus.

    As a fellow music teacher I can appreciate the lives you have touched. Instrumental music teachers get more time with special students, and have the opportunity to influence greatly.

    Wonderful. Kudos.
  6. dejovu

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    Teachers never seem to get the recognition they deserve.

    So when I here a wonderful report as this, it just makes me smile.....all over.

    Nancy, you should be so proud. This IS a wonderful thing. Many blessings, De
  7. windblade

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    How joyful! Congratulations, Nancy! What a satisfying feeling of accomplishment you must be feeling. That is so wonderful to have influenced your student's life in such a memorable way. And many other students, too.

    I thank God that you have had the strength to teach this year. Didn't you say you had found something new to help?
    (Brain fog here).

    And I'm so happy that you're here on the board. You bring a strong, warm, encouraging presence to us.

    I hope you think of something to do as a little celebration for this special tribute!

    Love, Judy
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    Hi Nancy

    What a beautiful story. You are so blessed , students are amazing and I can only imagine how you feel that you have such an award. I myself have loved working with students also. I worked as a Teacher aid for Special Ed and Alternative teens , the job, though it was tough at times, so rewarding!!

    I do have two boys of my own, and now two beautiful girls from my husband, so I too am very blessed to have kids around me. I am glad that you were able to have kids in your life as well, I am sorry you were not able to have your own, but the ones you shared your life with obviously love you

    I am so glad you feel the same about coming to the worship board as well. So glad you came to share your story and to feel blessed from God.

    May his light continue to shine on you and bless you today and always!!


  9. pepper

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    I am so very happy for you! Congratulations! Just to know that you have made such a difference in some students' lives is so rewarding. You must be a very special teacher indeed. And to be doing all this while suffering with FM.

    I am glad that you found this board too! You have been a real source of comfort for me during this difficult time and your reaching out to me and your prayers are much appreciated.

  10. bandwoman

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    Thank you for making me feel very special today. I am nothing more than a normal person who tries very hard to do my best, just as I am sure you do in your nursing duties. I actually misquoted the name. I am in a book that should now be all across the country in libraries. The book is called Who's Who Among America's Teachers and it is the 2005-2006 editon. Not all libraries carry it but many do. My picture is in there but unfortunately too much personal info in this blurb about me for me to want to go across cyberspace. I am sure you understand my fears there. Thank you for being so special. I can tell you have a heart for the Lord and for helping others too. It is really good to get to know you.

  11. bandwoman

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    Thank you very much. Mr. Holland's Opus is one of my favorite movies. I can so relate to the drummer who couldn't find the beat and Mr. Holland put a football helmut on him and beat out the pulse on his head! I have many students like that as you can well imagine. Sometimes I am tempted to beat on their heads without the helmuts. LOL. I have a good rapport with my students and I always temper things with humor and they like that. I am sure you have influenced the many many students you have had over the years. It is rewarding to see that light bulb go off in their head when they get something and when they have mastered a piece of music and worked so hard to get it to the performance level. I love that part of teaching. I am a big one for work ethic and when it pays off and they know it that is all the reward I need. Thanks for all of your support. I would like to ask you about something you recently posted to me and I just haven't had a chance to reply. Do you know what I am talking about? I hope you are feeling better today. You are still in my heart and in my prayers.

  12. bandwoman

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    Thank you so much. I have small rewards everyday that I teach actually. I think every teacher could say amen to that. Even if it is a smile from a student or trying to reassure a student that it is ok that they forgot their gym clothes (happened today) and I let her use my phone to call home to get them and to see her smile of appreciation is all the saisfaction I need. It is very nice to be appreciated and noticed and I am very grateful for that. I am so glad I could share it with all of you too. In fact I have hardly told anyone about this. My family and a very few good friends and all of you. My own band director collegues don't know and I probably won't tell them. I am not one to toot my own horn (no pun intended) and I was afraid that you all would thing that was what I was doing but honestly I was not. I hope it was taken in the spirit intended. It is good to get to know you.

  13. bandwoman

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    Thank you so much. I have been so lifted by all of your warm and kind posts to me. All of your posts were actually as exciting as getting the nomination. Each year is harder and harder for me but I keep hanging in there trying everything under the sun to try to help my fatigue. I am juicing all organic things now. That is really my new added thing. I see an alternative doctor and I have IV therapy every other week. I see a myotherapist (trigger point muscle therapist)once a week. I have seen her for 12 years or more. I see a chiropractor once a week and have seen one or another for maybe 15 years. My second full time job is dealing with my FM. I spend $600 out of pocket for supplements. That doesn't count the cost of the IV therapy. It has not been easy. I am praying that I can teach another 5 years which is going to be difficult but financially I just don't see that I have any other choice here. Teachers in my state don't get SS(we get a very small percentage of what we paid in) and I am not qualified for disability even though I have paid into the system with all the private music lessons I have taught over the last many years. Somehow the Lord gives me the strengh that I need each day. Sometimes I feel like He is carrying me but I somehow make it to the next one. Thanks again for your very kind post and it is good to get to know you.

  14. dejovu

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    We all loved to here about your award. Good news is also welcome here. And we really need it some days.

    I'm so happy that you found your way here and we all have another warrior on our side.

    As I watch this board grow and meet all the new wonderful people, it gives me such a feeling of bonding.

    We share the same spirit and that is thicker than blood. I feel like I have received a new sister in you.

    You'll probably have to wait for Heaven to find out just how many lives you've blessed, but it will be many I'm sure.

    Many blessing, De
  15. bandwoman

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    Thank you for your kind words. My hope is that I can positively influence every one of my students but knowing that maybe I have touched a few in a good way is still very rewarding. Thank you. Hope to get to know you better.

  16. bandwoman

    bandwoman New Member

    It is good to meet you. I love your pic in your profile. We should share war stories. I too have cervical stenosis and I have had cervical fusion 5 years ago. Thank you for your kind words. I have never been married, hence the no children. I never met my knight in shining armor. I thought I had met him in college and we fell in love but it was not meant to be and I have never found another guy quite like him. I expend so much energy in my teaching that I have none to give when I get home so I think the Lord in some ways protected me in that regard. I am very independent and quite content in my singleness so I don't have any regrets. I have had a great life in spite of FM and many other stuff and I am not sitting around feeling sorry for myself. I do admire all of you who are married because I know it is very difficult if you are in perfect health let alone if you are not. I hope you find your way around this website and start to feel at home. I have only been on for about a month and there are so many wonderful people here I am hooked. Well I am rambling. It is great to meet you.

  17. bandwoman

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    I am so glad to hear from you. I was getting worried about you. I looked at your last post the other day and it was a week ago and I was hoping nothing was wrong. If I hadn't seen your name today I was going to put out a search for you(via a post). I was quickly reading during my lunch time today and I think I read that you had not been feeling well. I am sorry. I hope you are doing better. Thank you for your kind words. You are such a warm and sensitive person I am sure you were great in special ed. I have many many children. I have never married and that is why I have no children. Mr right came and went in college. At least I thought he was the one but realized he wasn't. Haven't found a replacement for him yet. I am very content in my singleness and don't have energy at this point for anyone but my cat and immediate family and a few friends. Thank you so much for being there for all of us. You are a gem.

  18. bandwoman

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    Thank you for you kind words. By the way did you enjoy the movie? I wanted to share something with you regarding Jimmy Stewart. I take Guidepost magazine and several years ago there was an article about him and that scene at the bar where he is losing it. He in his own words said that that scene was not all acting but he was feeling something very emotional at the time and that they were real tears. My memory is a little fuzzy as to the details but it must have been something spiritual being in Guideposts. I hope you are doing better and that you enjoyed the movie even thought the guy at the video store said you were two months early. What does HE KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!! We can have Christmas every day of the year if we want to...right? Well I need to sign off because I am very very tired. I am continuing to pray for you both. I can't wait to see what God is going to do next! Thanks again for your kindness.

  19. bandwoman

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    As I go to bed tonight (which is just a few minutes away) I am very full tonight. You have all made my day so special I can't tell you how I feel inside but I don't want it to pass. I hope I can wake up tomorrow and still have this wonderful feeling inside that you all have allowed me to feel today. In my life what I have found is when I go through really awful awful times the Lord then turns it around into something really awesome. I have seen him do this in my life before. This summer was truly the worst summer of my life. I got in a bad car accident. My car was totaled (not my fault thank you Jesus) and I lost one of my closest friends. Friendship severed. I was coming off of getting through the year after my Dad died last summer. God has given me joy and replaced my one friend with all of you. Praise the Lord. What more can I say. Praise the Lord.

  20. 143alan

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    That is wonderful, congratulations on the nomination. I know it's very humbling to know that you do make an impact on all the students that cross your path.

    Congrats again and enjoy it.