May lose Job ??

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    I'm not sure I can return to my job 40 hours per week...
    Human resources said I can maintain my full-time status, and work part-time, and collect partial disability, but I don't know for how long. I spoke to my boss also he said that I could work part-time as long as personnel supplied him with another person to make up the difference. Our staff is really cut to the bare minimum, and Administration is very tight with hours etc... Other than that there is a relief position open, that my boss asked me if I was interested in, but relief means absolutely no benefits!!!
    I am really afraid of being caught in the middle of hospital politics and have people be annoyed with me....
    Sorry I am rambling on....
  2. teach6

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    Are you able to work part-time? If so, I would try that option, for a couple of reasons. First it gives you a feel for what working on a reduced schedule is like and how it affects you. It also lets you keep your benefits and with your disability pay keep pretty much a full-time income.

    I did that last year and in the process learned that I was unable to keep up with the duties of my job, even part-time. If I hadn't tried it I would have always wondered what if.

    Some of the rules for this are above the scope of the hospital. You can have the Americans with Disabilities Act to back you up as well as the disability company. They want to pay you the least amount possible. If they can get you to work part-time it is to their benefit.

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    So sorry to hear you have such a stressful problem. Legally, you can't be fired. They have to take you back part time.

    You have a good reason to think of yourself first! The problem of part time help is addministration's worry. Do you do like I do, and worry that everyone is okay? My pastor
    told me that I need to get my needs met too.

    As a mother of a large family, I seemed to be responsable
    for everything. I find it very hard to think in terms of my needs.Having been ill for such a long time, we tend to feel guilty(I do) It is imperitive that you make the choices that are best for you.

    If it will help I will pray for you and ask you make the right decision??LOL 1maqt
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    Hi i think if you have the option and your employer is supporting you, go for it. Your health is far more important. I had a job promotion a week before my car accident and was off for a year to get better. My job was secure for me but I finally admitted to myself and my employer I could not do my job promotion too heavy in lifting money, coin. So he accommodated my with lighter duties for 6 months and WAS very supported until right before Christmas I was told my human resources my accommodation has failed and they could no longer accommodate me. I was shocked!!! I went thru a major flare, was so depressed. I have worked for them for 12 years and yes I am unionized. A grievence has been filed and a human rights issue, discrimminating against a person with a disability. I really needed to work it helped me feel productive and good about myself. I was working 4 hours aday but they wanted me full time or nothing, I guess. Good luck to you. Mom3
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    Hi Sue~~I had to quit a high paying, full time job back in 1993 due to FM/CFS and arthritis and take a part-time job working 3 days a week for much less money and no benefits. This severely changed my income & lifestyle, but it was a tremendous help healthwise. It enabled me to support myself yet get some life back into my life. While working full time, I would get off work on Friday and be bed-ridden all weekend just so I could get up and work all the next week again. I had no life. In working part-time, I could rest two days after my three-day-work-week, and then have two days to do chores, take care of responsibilities, and put some pleasure back in my life.

    However, I am 53 and was diagnosed two years ago with advanced degenerative disc disease which has really brought me down. I take oxycontin and percocet for the back pain, but am not on a high enough dose to control the pain. I missed alot of work this past year/02. And, I fear that the director (who is not supportive at all) is going to use that as a means to get rid of me--even though I've worked my ass off at that program cramming 5 days work into 3 for the past 10 years.

    And though it has become increasingly harder for me to drag my worn out body to work--my work is important to me. I am a therapist and helping others takes my mind off myself and all my aches & pains. It gives me a sense of accomplishment, purpose, direction, and the feeling that I am still out there participating in the world and still useful. Working around and with others keeps me from getting so depressed--it keeps me going. If I lose my job this coming year....I don't know what I will do.

    If you still have the option of working part-time, I'd encourage you to take it. Legally, they cannot dismiss you due to chronic illness. However, they can make it so hard on you and make you so miserable that you quit--I've watched companies do that to alot of people. Companies know the laws, and if they want to get rid of you--they will find some other avenue to discredit you that is within their legal rights.

    Stand up for yourself if want to continue to work and feel productive. I love working part-time and would not want to go back to working full time even if I could. I work Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday and have Friday through Monday off. I was forced to reduce my lifestyle, had my income cut in half, and have no benefits--but I love the work I do, believe that what I do is important, and though there are many times that I drag myself to work feeling so weary, exhausted, and in so much pain that I'd give anything if I didn't have to work--wished I could get on disability--but working makes me feel I'm still alive, still in the game, still showing up.

    I hope things work out well for you with your job. I know it must be important to you or you would not care so much. Take care and let us know what happens. Blessings, Carol...
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    I lost my job with the hospital I worked for 3 years during a disabilitly leave--LONG story.

    If you have a doctors note putting you at part time and you CAN collect partial disability for three monts for STD and if you have LTD for longer depending what your medical doctors say. I did it when I returned to work after my back surgery last year.

    It would not hurt to consult an attorney BEFORE you make this decision--I am in a mess now because I did not know my rights at the time of my dismissal and found that with hospital politics it is an adversarial relationship.

    Do what you have to do for you--the STD suppliment keeps your benefits in tact and they CANNOT FORCE YOU TO TAKE THE PART TIME OR RELEIF POSITION!!!!!!! You have a right to keep your present position with the FMLA protection.

    Please as I said take your time and know your rights before making a decision. I did not and now I have a attorney fighting for me after the fact and have been with out income and having to pay cobra for insurance since september.

    will people be annoyed with you? probably, but in the end these are coworkers and not your family and friends. I have been gone now for 4 months and worked with my so called friends for 3 years--only 1 person from work has called to see how I am doing since my dismissal and I thought I was well liked by everyone and had good relationshiops--so take care of yourself and do not worry what others think!

    in friendship