maybe a dumb thought, but what about a spleenectomy for tx?

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    This is random I know, but for those of us with CFS and ebstein barr, has any one heard of removing the speen to get some relief? People live without them all the time and just need extra precautions and making sure to get all their immunizations due to their main immunologic organ being removed. Well if out immune funtion is terrible at best, any thoughts on this?

    (I'm coming from the fact that in some circumstances a person who gets ebstein barr so badly that their spleen can atcually rupture, either due to the illness itself or a trauma later to an already enlarged spleen.)

    Just wondering what your thoughts are. Feel free to bash the heck out of me! I'm in RN in the middle of a flare so who knows where my logic is hiding today.

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  3. Redwillow

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    Seems drastic to me Patty but heck what do I know!

    I have been in some pretty nasty FM flares where I would consider removing a part of my body to stop the misery....

    Sorry you are feeling so rotten

    hugs Redwillow
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    lol... I wasn't thinking about removing my heart or brain (although it might be nice to try out someone else's brain for a while)

    I don't know, maybe cause if taken care of so many people with speenectomies (traumas mostly) it doesn't seem as drastic to me. I don't know, nothing else is helping.

    Thanks for the reply!
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    experience. makes you even more vulnerable to all sorts of bacterial and viral infections. and if i catch a cold or flu etc., it takes me so much longer to heal.

    since are a rn i don't need to tell you how important it is to have it. keep it and if a dr wants to take it out, run fast.

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    Not a good idea. I had mine out as routine for exploratory surgery for cancer in the mid 80's. Now they don't do it. I ended up in the hospital 2 years ago for a surgery gone bad for acid reflux, and nearly died. One of the things creating the problem was not having a spleen to help fight the infection. It does compromise the immune system. Talk with a Dr first. Good luck.