Maybe create a way for them to walk in your shoes for a day.

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    I once saw a presentation given by a person with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Her purpose was to educate us on what it is like to live in her shoes. She described how painful the joints were in her feet and how painful it was to walk. She handed each of us a packet of rocks and pebbles. Some were very large and sharp. We were instructed to put these rocks in our shoes and had to conduct a normal day without taking the stones out. We also had to wrap rubber bands around our fingers to restrict the range of motion and mobility. We were required to write a letter, type on a keyboard, and to eat our lunch with these restrictions. Maybe you could create something similar to this that represents your pain and limitations. It was very eye opening for me.

    My point is that unfortunately some people just don't get it until they are in your shoes. Until then, it is a tough battle. Another poster suggested taking them to your doctor's appointment so that they hear it from the doctor. Sometimes kids at that age are selfish, immortal, and only see how it makes their life more difficult. I know that it is frustrating beyond belief when your own flesh and blood does not believe you. Believe in yourself and do what you need to do to take care of yourself. There can be so much wasted energy spent trying to get some people to get it. Get yourself some support with a counselor, psychologist, support group, here online, etc. Your pain is real and you need to bank your energy reserves. You are doing a great job. Just get some help from someone or someplace that can support you. Otherwise, the frustration causes the pain you feel to go through the roof. It's already hard enough dealing with the pain that you feel. Sending hugs to you.
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    I will copy and paste to to Rosemarie.
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    Please leave it here as it is an excellent post by itself. Thanks for sharing.

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