Maybe it isnt fibro??

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    In another post I mentioned a few weird things happening to me in my sleep which included jerking and flashes of light waking me up. I have been on the web looking for seizure symptoms and ran across this. Some sound all too familar to me...

    Clinical Signs of Seizure
    Look for these symptoms in your child, adolescent, spouse or parent and if these symptoms occur on a regular basis, consult your physician and/or neurologist to arrange for a neuropsychological evaluation.

    (me) Sleeping problems: moving around in bed or thrashing.
    Fumbling with sheets in a repetitive pattern.
    (me ) Bedcovers strewn all over upon awakening.
    (me) Staring spells, appearing withdrawn, as if they are looking right through you.
    Night terrors.
    (me)Talking, mumbling, moaning in sleep on continual basis.
    (me)Noise sensitive.
    (me) Temperature sensitive.
    (me) Touch sensitive.
    Need to separate food and keep it separate while eating.
    Eats only certain foods.
    Difficulty getting along with peers.
    (me) Memory losses.
    (me) Word finding problems.
    (me) Headaches.
    (me) Fatigue practically every morning, despite sleeping the previous night.
    (me) Leg pains.
    (me) Moody, highly emotional.
    (me) Clumsiness.
    (me) Easily distracted.
    (me) Lack of coordination.
    More irritable at night.
    (me)Continual headaches.
    (me)Easily tired if active.
    (me) Confusion.
    Unexplained behavior.
    Obsessive compulsive symptoms.
    (me)Sleep deprivation.
    (me) Overly reactive.
    Distortions in the copying of designs at younger ages.
    (me)Physically weak.
    (me)Vertigo, ringing in the ears, disorientation .
    Excessively fearful.
    (me)Impulsivity .
    (me)Confused speech.
    Obsession with objects.
    Inappropriate responses to environmental events

    OK all the (me) symbols are what I experience on a daily basis and I am sure many of us have the same. Has anyone ever been tested for a seizure disorder when being diagnosed with fibro? I know I haven't.
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    I don't think my sleep problems are seizure related but I to jerk and wake myself up doing so. I snore and sometime wake up catching my breath (could be the start of sleep apnea?) I also have almost all the symptoms you listed.

    I sure hope that you're okay, it must be frightful going to bed at night, I feel the same way. Please keep us posted on what you find and how you are doing.

    I posted this today too.

    I started taking MS Contin (60mg 2 x day) 2 weeks ago and every night since that I have been talking in my sleep. I actually wake myself up because I hear myself talking. Also if i'm using my arms or hands in my dream i'm actually doing it, that wakes me up too.

    Has anyone ever had this experience?

    Confused and a bit freaked out,


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    Everything you check as applying to you also applies to me, and the things you didn't check don't. Now, my mother did have a seizure disorder as well as FM and some of the things you didn't check applied to her.

    I recently had an MRI. I've been convinced for years that I couldn't possibly have FM, it was just too bad. And reading a symptom list for MS got me thinking. So I had the MRI and it was perfectly clear. A seizure disorder would have shown up if it were there (it did on my mother's).

    I have, however, noticed a few people mentioning being on seizure medications. Mom didn't start with the seizures until she was in her 60's, but she had FM all her life.

    Now that I have been reading all of the messages on this board - it's taken me hours and days to go through back messges - I see that FM really is that bad and that so many of my symptoms are related to it (ones I never would have thought).

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    I also have most of the symptoms you checked and from the reading I have done they are fairly common for those with FMS and CFIDS (me). I wouldn't run around trying to get a different dx at this point.

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    But I would consult a Neuro. I was having some strange sleep problems, like waking up in a panic and having absolutely no idea where I was. For example - I will wake up and be totally unaware of anything that is in my room and nothing looks familiar. I am afraid to go out of my bedroom because I have no idea what is out there. This happens to me in my own house that I have lived in for 10 years! It did also happen to me a few weeks ago when I was out of town at my Mother's house. It's very scary and caused a very fast pulse and lots of confusion until I finally realize where I am. The Neuro said it was possible seizure disorder and I was given an eeg? test. I think that is what it's called where they put the electrodes on your head and do things like flash a very bright light on and off. They determined I did not have a seizure disorder but did not give me any explaination of what the reason is for when I wake up like that.
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    I think the article on Klonopin in the library would explain this. The article was written after a taped appointment with Dr. Cheney.

    He draws a line with a circle on both ends and in the middle. The middle circle he labels "normal", the right circle he labels "coma", and the left circle he labels "seizure". The right half of the line he labels "healing state" and I don't remember what he labels the left line. Anyway, he says that the brains of people with CFS are fall to the left of the circle which signifies healthy people, so our brains are in a constant seizure state, though relatively mild.

    Anyone who's interested in the article can just do a search on Klonopin in the library. The article is titled "Dr. Paul Cheney discusses the benefits of Klonopin".