Maybe its not CFS/Fibro

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by monicaz49, Nov 15, 2006.

  1. monicaz49

    monicaz49 New Member

    I know many of you are regulars and this topic may be nothing new for you. Its mostly for those new people who havent had the opportunity to spend the last year researching and being proactive in their health. I wrote this as a reply to someone elses posting on MS...just thought id make a new topic out of it.
    If you have been diagnosed or if you feel you may have CFS/ is something else to think about....

    Please dont attack me 4 this...but....
    could it be a Lyme disease epidemic we are experiencing??????????
    CFS/Fibro/MS/Lyme all have similar signs. There is not 1 with a solid/easy test....and Lyme knows no age limits. How is it that so many people are being diagnosed with MS these days...especially the young kids! And CFS / Fibro..well geez i feel like thats just a pacifier these doctors are putting in our mouths to get us to stop bitchin about our health for no good reason (according to all our negative lab tests).
    No known cause? No treatment? I WONT ACCEPT THAT .

    Heres my story. Im went downhill fast.
    My list of symptoms musta reached over 25 (PHYSICAL, COGNITIVE AND EMOTIONAL).
    Seen 12 diff doctors with only an elevated candida test to go off of... and none of them believed in that since i didnt have an immune compromizing disease.
    Finally diagnosed in Sep 06 w/ "CFS and Fibro".
    I continued to suffer with MANY seemingly unrelated symptoms....I just couldnt believe this was CFS/Fibro and that i was gonna have to grin and bear it for the rest of my life! No nononono.
    I just recently saw a neurologist. He noted that there was suspision enough to schedule an MRI ( weakness in body but particularly my left side, dizziness, vision probs and head pressure) among many others.
    I havent had my MRI yet so i cant tell u what the results are but i feel like he's thinking of MS as a possibility.
    For those that dont know....MS simply is a name which means white lesions. Now....there may be more than these but i know of 3 disorders that can lead to white lesions in the brain. CFS/Fibro, MS and Lyme.
    After all this I got a Lyme test done at my doctors office....a basic lyme test probably checking for short term exposure and probably not testing bands. It was negative. I was then advised to go to the best lab...Igenex which is near me i did. POSITIVE. on both the IGG and IGM (but not by CDC standards) .
    Anyhow.....I feel strongly that many of us are getting the run around and I just urge u to rule out Lyme for yourself. Its a big one and if it turns out negative you can at least scratch it off your list.
    But you may be suprised.
    Another thing i noticed having so many symptoms is that each specialist has their own circle of disorders to look if i go to a rheumatologist...they will suspect CFS, a neurologist will suspect MS, your primary physician will naturally write a prescription for Prozac claiming depression. I can go on and on. BE YOUR OWN ADVOCATE...STAY POSITIVE...STAY KNOWLEDGEABLE...BELIEVE IN YOURSELF EVEN WHEN THOSE AROUND YOU MAY NOT. I havent started treatment for anything yet..including Lyme..but that is what i am working on now and I pray only good health will come.
    Test for Lyme.
    Ps...if you have Lyme or MS it IS an immune compromising disease. active about talking to the docs about Candida if you feel you have issues.
  2. Suzan

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    I DON"T think we all have the same things. I do think that many get misdiagnosed. I also think you are right about different doctors seeing and saying and testing for different illnesses..they all go with what they are most knowledgeable about. So often we can get several different opinions about what we may have.

    I have classic fibromyalgia symptoms...but does that mean I DON"T have something else??? Not necessarily...

    I have just started with a new doctor..and he wants to run an RA test on me...since it is just part of bloodwork ..I said sure..go ahead...I want to know if something like RA is what I have! I do remember intially being tested for that..and for Lyme's..and for Thyroid issues...but that was 3 years ago..and maybe now the tests would show up I will get tested again.

    I think that we have to continue to advocate for ourselves as well..we cannot trust that any doctor knows enough to not miss something when they are looking at us!


    FOYBOYFOY New Member

    ive seen 10doctors and have 4 dx's. what if i quit after one, im still not conviced what i have. there are 75-100 autoammiune diseases:cfs -fm-ra-ms-lyme-lupus just to name a few. many have similar symptoms. i keep looking because i only got one shot on this earth. point being dont quit after one doctor or one dx. i will quit when a doctor can convince me and then i can live with the results.
  4. woofmom

    woofmom New Member

    Could it be caused by all the poisonous chemicals in our air, water, and food supply?
  5. monicaz49

    monicaz49 New Member

    Thank you everyone for replying.
    Regarding the dangerous chemicals. never know. Although....why are some of us sick and some not?
    Unless we are just the sensitive ones (which my body has always been sensitive).
  6. Aeronsmom

    Aeronsmom New Member

    I have been tested for lyme disease and it came back negative so I think it's safe for me to say that's not what's wrong for me. But thank you for this post.

    Love to all, Ann

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