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    Dear Mayline,

    Fortunately or unfortunately I'm one of the wierd people who are more comfortable in front of a big audience than with one or two people. One of the things this DD has done is to keep me from performing. In the (not so) good ol' days I was acting and doing standup comedy and music. I haven't worked in a comedy club for nine years and haven't even been onstage for seven.

    Just before the onset of my ME/CFIDS, I had put together a one-man show about the previous three years (divorce, death, general mayhem) and was getting ready to do it as a followup to a successful show I did in '97 & '98. A show like this means me onstage by myself for roughly an hour and 45 minutes. Before this disease that was a heck of a physical and mental effort, and now...

    I know that I've got whatever talents I've got for a reason, and that I'm dealing with this stuff we all deal with for a reason, so I'll keep trying stuff till I find out what I can and can't do.

    As far as karaoke, I've done shows in the midwest this time of year (Minot, N.D. at 40 below zero), and when people there go to all the trouble to go out in that weather, they darn sure have a good time to make it worth the effort!LoL!

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