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    Hi Everyone!

    I posted a lengthy message yesterday and it can be found on page two..."Autoimmune Issues" is the message title. In it I described my diagnostic experiences at home and at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, including the fibro treatment program. I can tell you about that program in some detail if you're interested. They also offer a three week chronic pain intensive treatment program. After a battle, I got my insurance to agree to cover it although I didn't go last summer, may do that this coming year some time.

    I have some questions in that post too, that I would appreciate hearing from any of you about!


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    Is that where you went?
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    Hi, I read with interest when you were talking about a fibro treatment program at the Mayo Clinic. I am interested in what that is all about. I have an apointment on Thursday with them. My first visit will start out with blood work and all that other good stuff. I was referred by my neurologist for my FM. I am having alot of pain now and am hoping to get some help at the clinic. I haven't been there in years but I only live 90 miles away. If you can give me any information I would appreciate it.

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    for the location
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    Here's the scoop. I had been diagnosed with fibro and had no relief. I was on elavil...gained weight and still had tremendous pain. I had seen both my GP and a rheumatologist at this point. When I went back to my GP, I asked for a referral to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. I had an appointment within two weeks.

    The intake rheumatologist was wonderful. I spent days there undergoing every possible physical test you can imagine. You all must know what it feels like to sit around waiting for diagnostics. At the Mayo Clinic, they set up your schedule for all the departments on the campus and when you arrive for your appt., there's a sign that says that if you are waiting more than 20 minutes, you need to go to the desk. On several occasions, I was bumped up in the schedule.

    I was diagnosed with a host of immune disorders, first among them was rheumatoid arthritis, which explains the fact that the elavil did nothing for my condition. This was in addition to the fibro, pernicious anemia, peripheral neuropathy (since addressed by the vitamin B injections essential to the anemia), etc.

    The rheumatologist set me up with the fibro treatment program. This program is run through the treatment facility at St. Mary's Hospital, also part of the Mayo complex. A number of health professionals were involved and I was motivated to deal with this problem right up front. Interestingly enough, I did meet a couple of very angry people there who did not feel they wanted to take control of their illness. They, however, as I'm sure you know from your own situation, are in the minority. These are the people who give all of us with fibro the bad rap. They were really looking for a medication solution alone, no exercise, no activity, etc.

    I learned a tremendous amount in a very short time. Spent time after this in physical therapy, including hydrotherapy and have been committed to trying to exercise regularly and teach 100+ senior high school students English on a full time basis. I may not succeed all the time, but what the heck? I keep at it.

    Hope this helped you some. Please email me back with further questions if I can specifically help you.