Mayo Trip Report

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    Thank you all so much for your prayers. Flying wasn't quite as bad this time and I know it was because of all the prayers.

    Dale got a "good" report, I guess. He had not changed much on his 'score' as far as a transplant soon. We did learn however that they take 3 blood levels (bilorubin, creatnine, and clotting factor) and but them in an equation to determine scores for determining who is the next recipient. Dale's score is 17 at the present time. A person must have at least a 6 to even be considered for transplant. If he were in the O blood group he would have to have a much higher score (possibly in the 30 to 40 range.) He is not O, His blood type is A. They said that they transplanted a man two or three weeks ago in the A blood type whose score was 22. So maybe we are getting closer. Unfortunately all the bad spells he has been having do nothing to increase his score. Its just something we have to live with. He was very excited because he had lost 27 pounds since our last visit there. They were very encouraging and told him to keep up the good work. He has 3 stints in his liver, l doesnt work at all, l works fairly well and one that is working very well. These stints usually have a lifetime of 4 years max. His newest one is working on his 6th year. Doctors are very surprised. Of course we know that God can do all things and that is the reason it is still flowing.
    The trip just about got me completely down, but I have to keep pushing myself b/c of insurance. No other insurance would cover Dale now.
    Thanks for all the prayers and please continue. I am so thankful I found this board to have people who believe in prayer and know what fibro-ites experience daily.

    Thank you to all my new friends and prayer partners.