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    It has been sometime since I posted here. I lurke (there was a time when other members talked about lurking and I wondered why they lurked, now I know--since my granddaughter came to live with us I have so little time to myself) every now and then. I am hoping that when she graduates this June that I will be able to devote more time to me.

    I caught the beadlady's post about cataract surgery and your response about the eye drops written about here--http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19503764--

    I read the conclusions and wondered if the eye drops are a prescription or over the counter. I have cataract surgery scheduled for the first week in November. Since my doc appt. I did some internet searches about the lenses and discovered that many people were unhappy with the poor performance of the lenses and some had difficulties with adapting comfortably to the various types of lenses. Now I am reconsidering.

    As I write this I realize that I just do not know enough about the choices before me--I knew nothing of these drops and wonder why they were not offered to me--which tells me that I need to learn more. In my pre-CFIDS days I could have cleared this up in a day or 2--this may take me weeks now or possibly months, lol.

    If you have any further information regarding these eye drops please post. Thank you for posting what you have though. Eye drops sound like a better choice than surgery and lenses. My research did not bring up anything negative about the surgery itself but it was the lenses that could be problematic for some. One set of lenses my insurance will pay for the other set I am considering are nearly $4,000.00. Amazing.
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    I did not read your post but I will go look for it.

    I am seriously considering trying the drops--I do not think I have anything to lose--maybe a few months (I am not sure). My doc said that my cataracts were not bad--it sounded like most people can endure a worse case of cataracts than I can.

    When I read the article on N-Acetylcarnosine it sounded like I might find other benefits if it works-- clarity, glare sensitivity, color perception and overall vision.

    The article mentions only certain formulas being effective but I am having difficulties finding out where to buy. Does not sound like the drops are prescription.


    The authors present evidence, about why only a certain kind of NAC is safe, and why only certain formulas designed by IVP for drug discovery are efficacious in the prevention and treatment of senile cataract for long-term use. Overall cumulated studies demonstrate that the designed by IVP new vision-saving drug NAC eye drops help the aging eye to recover by improving its clarity, glare sensitivity, color perception and overall vision.


    BTW--I am still taking grapeseed extract thanks to you : )
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    The pubmed study references drops by the name of Can-C - so if you google that name, e.g., "can-c eye drops", you'll find several places to buy them. There are other brands out there but these are the ones mentioned in the pubmed study.


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