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    Hi Mary

    You asked recently how I felt resveratrol helped me.

    I chose to take resveratrol (sourced from Japanese knotweed) and andrographis after reading Buhner’s book and then doing more research. There’s an excellent medical herbalist who works nearby and she is a valuable source of information; she contacted colleagues who use Eastern/Ayurvedic herbs and her feedback to me made me feel these were worthwhile trying.

    Though vit D helped regulate my immune response I felt I still needed more help in that area. Resveratrol is said to be good for strengthening and modulating the immune response; this I felt was better for me than using agents that overstimulate the immune response. It also helps with inflammation, a major issue for me. I feel that resvertrol has helped in all these areas.

    Resveratrol works as a vascular relaxant and inhibits platelet aggregation; I had already been treating these using fibrinolytic enzymes. Three generations of my immediate family have markers of a coagulopathy linked with an activated immune system; I have had a life threatening embolism too so I do not take problems in this area lightly. Andrographis also helps with problems related to platelet aggregation etc.

    These, and other alternatives, improved my fibrin and platelet ratios; I had no problems with bleeding during or after surgery this year.

    It’s also said to protect the brain and central nervous system; I felt this was more suitable than Rx meds like ADs which seem to cause me more problems than they solve short and long term.

    One of resveratrol’s features I’ve most appreciated is it’s enhancement of oestrogen receptors and it’s oestrogen-like affect on the brain. Having had my oestrogen levels drop very quickly I appreciated how resveratrol worked in this way. Andrographis can also have an oestrogenic effect so in combo they were great. Those who have oestrogen linked breast cancer in the family need to consider possible risks before taking either of these herbs.

    In combo with andrographis I felt this was a gentler way to address chronic infections; since using them I had fewer issues with die off but still made progress. Like many I have to go very slowly and so I have never gone up to the max dose; though in my case other factors came into play and they had to be prioritised.

    Resveratrol and andrographis are antimicrobials. Many of us seem to have become hosts to a wide range of pathogens I felt herbs that addressed different types of pathogen (ie broad spectrum) was an easier way to treat them and meant I did not need to find the funds for further specific testing.

    tc Tansy
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    Thank you so much for your post. I really appreciate your taking the time to do it. I didn't realize that resveratrol had so many effects, especially as concerns oestrogens, something it's important to be aware of.

    Resveratrol caught my eye when I read that it might improve mitochondrial function according to an NIH study, although the study was done on mice.

    I agree with you that we are hosts to many pathogens, and that broad spectrum herbs are the way to go. I'm currently taking a mushroom extract which is supposed to work on my immune system at a deep level, although I don't think it's done the trick yet.

    Anyways, thanks again --

    Best wishes,

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    tansy you mention less problems with die off, were you having problems before and why?
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    Hi Simone

    I had really awful die off symptoms whilst in the early stages of Tx for lyme disease; I was on Samento at the time. These were difficult to get back under control until I added cumunda and burbur but eventually I chose to take another route because I suspected what was happening each time significant die off occurred had become counterproductive.

    I came to the conclusion that the die off triggered an immune and inflammatory response and that I was not excreting the toxins efficiently enough.

    tc, Tansy

    PS You asked an important question about using a pilates machine. My reply was late so I don't know if you read it. My message can be read at
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