Mcclure needs to shut up

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    Professor McClure has used numerous fallacies, logical inconsistencies, explicit contradictions and flawed arguments to support her conclusion that contamination is the most likely explanation for the CFS-XMRV/MLV results. I have demonstrated that some of these arguments that Professor McClure has presented to support the contamination conclusion, inadvertently provide more weight against the contamination hypothesis. Contrary to Professor McClure’s claims, I have demonstrated that the weight of evidence strongly supports the XMRV/MLV- CFS link arising due to a pure retroviral-illness correlation as opposed to contamination."
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    its strange though that she is going out on such a limb if so
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    So glad to read that Dr. Singh and her researchers got the heck outta there.


    Dr. Straus dead ID doc of the NIH who edited the 1994 book on Chronic
    Fatigue Syndrome Now deceased

    Dr. Harold C. Neu wrote the forward to the above book. Let me quote him
    "person to person transmission does not occur, and except in a few outbreaks

    Ok, he is dead now and there is a big New York CME meeting of ID docs that meets

    2010 speaker......

    Ian W. Linkin...Columbia alum too. Appointed do to the research for the Feds. (NIH)
    He may be a top notch researcher. Very noteworthy in other pathogens. Wonder
    if he will cause the downfall of the reputations of his alums. Hope he does the
    right thing. Or the "thing" right.

    Only time....
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    It may be my foggy mind but have I missed something? I am not sure of what you are saying.Why are deaths mentioned?

    What is "the right thing" in reference to?

    Thanks so much for any clarification.

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    gap, spacee comments probly related to: STraus, as you may know, is the one who kind of started the CFS-as-a-psych problem ball rolling over in the US, or at least he really helped give it a big kick after he was irritated it wasnt ebv or whatever he was betting on in the late 80s. He is from Columbia U I guess, and Ipkin ,Lipkin, whatever name is, I fergits, is too and he is guy Fauci just put in charge of researching XMRV for DHHS. Fauci historically from what I have read, has certainly not done anything to help understand the origin and etiology of cfs, (and in some ways aids as well if you talk to m. hooper who wrote a big research book on vax and illness around 99. but hooper has been successfully discredited I believe so if you google around I am sure you will be able to come back w/info he is no good, but from digging deep into it I had impression the guy seriously academically researched the heck out of the topic and had some good points that may not have been well followed up on). Anyway, spacee probly concerned as am I, that there is still danger xmrv could be made to go bye bye if the ole good ole boy network still lives and with the same ole agenda. here is hoping he is clean, if alter and lo could help, albeit a bit lamely, maybe this new guy can too.
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    Looks like I will have to do more research.

    Like you, Hooper is not a favorite of mine either, but I will try and keep an open mind.

    I really think (hope?) that since XMRV is now out in the open plus the fact that we live in the internet age it is highly unlikely to go "bye bye" unless XMRV is scientifically discredited. But you are right in that we do have to be vigilant about this.

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.


    We do not know about the transmissibility of XMRV and/or the RV sequences at this point in time.[This Message was Edited on 09/29/2010]

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