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    Hi Mary,

    How are you????? We miss you....

    Just wanted to let you know I am having my CAT scan today for the sinuses. I have the beginning of another infection though since I have been off the abx for over a week.

    Hope all is healing...Nancy
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    It is so good to hear from you but I am sorry that you are still not feeling well. Thanks for responding to my 'call outs' for you.

    I had another fall last week - getting out of a taxi - my right leg seemed to give out. I was talking to my sister on the cell phone so she heard me scream (and curse) and then the phone went dead (I dropped) She was really freaked out but I was hysterical - 4th fall in under a year...I am blessed to have not broken anything but I hurt really bad..better now. I hate this DD!

    The CT Scan went ok - quick for sure. The technician not only gave me the films, but gave me a dvd with the images for my own private viewing...of course I had no idea what I was looking at. The films are huge and I wonder why they did not just send them to the ENT in his office 4 floors above...who knows. I see him April 13 so should have the results then. I see my rheumy & the Neuro Cognitive doc on April 14.

    Take care...I leave on vacation on Monday April 3 to go to a resort/spa in Santa Fe NM. I am meeting my dearest friend who now lives in Florida for a rejuvenation and healing week. Nancy
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    Great to hear from you and that you are on the road to healing. Take care and it will be interesting what your neuro says and what my neuro cognitive doc says...I hope we both find answers soon. This morning I was so bad that instead of I wear my watch on my wrist usually - I said I wear my wrist....and worse was I had coffee in my right hand and almost spilled it all.

    I have only been to Santa Fe and Taos once but I loved it. The resort I found is amazing - all kinds of healing and meditation areas on site. It is called Sunrise Springs and like G-d does so many times when answering our prayers - I stumbled upon this place! Just looking at the pictures I feel better. Physically I am hurting and my friend is emotionally raw, so this place is ideal. Can you tell that I am very excited??!
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    I see that you took your 'Gone fishing' sign off your picture and I hope that means you are feeling better. We do hope to see some of the ruins and pueblos - both are healing and my friend and I both need it.

    Take care of you and your daughter! Where in the midwest do you live - you probably told me but I can blame it on FibroFog!