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    Hi Mary,
    Just checking in to wish you luck with the neuro on Wednesday (I think it 4-26) I hope you get some answers. I have a MRI Brain-Spinal to eliminate MS once again...

    Big news for me...I bought a puppy this weekend...she is so adorableand loving but she is also a lot of work. I lost it this afternoon when I got home - none of it was her fault...you just can't leave a puppy for as long as I have to. Tomorrow the dog walker is coming twice instead of once. It will get easier and Bella is so cute it works. She is a Puggle (pug & beagle mix). 18 weeks and a ball of energy...

    Let me know how your tests go...take it easy...
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    Sorry I missed your post...life is a whirlwind at work and now at home. So sorry to hear about your daughter's fall and siezure. Poor kid...if it's not one thing it's another.

    I would post a pic of Bella but I can't remember how to replace the picture. Duh! The Strattera seems to be helping - yesterday was a struggle with finding the right words, but I've been doing much better. I get my 4-hour MRI today (brain, spine, with and without contrast). Good luck with your tests and I hope your daughter is doing better.
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    You sound so at peace - understood and given hope for help for the 1st time in a long time. I am happy for you...and hopefully for your daughter too. I find it comforting to know that there are good doctors out there that can help us all. Please keep me posted on the outcome.

    My test went fine - long (about 3 hours total)and hopefully they find nothing. No news is good news IMHO!

    I am having a stressful day at work and I just want to scream at my kids (which are actually 3 - almost 60-year old women) - but instead of screaming I am going for a walk. Hope the tests went well today....
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    HI Mary.
    I hope you are doing good. I have had the week from heck and it isn't over. I need to figure out what I want to be when I grow up - I just know technology is not it...

    So I recieved the MRI results today and I can only assume that it showed no abnormalities in my brain which is good news. He said I have Degenative Disk Disease at 2 levels with diffuse bulging. It may explain why my lower back hurts so much when I over do it.

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    Oh Mary, I had to return Bella to the suburbs. She is just too much dog for an apartment of someone that works 10 hour days. She was so hyper by the time I got home, even with the two walks during the day, it was not fair to her at all. Also, I was not doing well...exhausted and hurting and I knew I was going in to a flare up.

    I called my mom (first person I call for everything...43 and still a mama's girl) and cried both Monday and Wedensday nights because it was such a disaster. The final straw was the vet visit and I couldn't contol her at all. The vet chastised me over the potty training and told me that I had to tether her leash to my belt loop when she wasn't in her crate. Then gently jerk her and take her outside. I live on the 3rd floor - she's a puppy - it would not work.

    It is heartbreaking because she was so adorable but she needs to be a family dog with kids and a fenced in back yard. Sure I could have trained her but it wasn't fair to her at all. I need to get an adult dog if I get any dog. I am hoping she has found a good family to live with her.