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    I see you are in St Louis. Just wondered if you found a decent doc around there? I am in Kansas City and am in need of a good doc, I am willing to travel. Thanks for any help.
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    Basically holistic or someone that does alternative medicine w/conventional. I just want someone to do more testing since I am getting worse and worse. I seem to have some sort of infection going on but not sure if it is viral/bacterial or what. I'm looking for someone that thinks outside of the box and won't just throw drugs at me.

    Yeah, the plaza is nice. I haven't been down there for years..Im only about 10 min away from it though.

    You might not know of a doc like I am looking for, that's okay, just thought I would try just in case.

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    Thanks for your help. BTW do you know what high percentage monocytes could be? Mine hsa been high for along time now. Docs never say anything about it. Just wondering if you get a chance. Thank you.

    BTW no other type of white blood cells are high, just the monocytes.[This Message was Edited on 02/15/2006]
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    I was the one the other day that you replied to about the EBV EA being for what that is worth, my EA was negative...

    Monos range from 9%-11%....Normal is not too much over, I was just curious..the numbers of monocytes are in normal range, but the percentage is high.

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    Lympths range from 24%-36% on my past few cbc tests. Blood count also varies..used to be low at 3.6 then it went high 8.9 and last week it was 6.1...strange. When it goes high or low usually the cells are evenly I cant tell what kind of infection it is..the percentages stay about the same.

    I didnt have EBV full panel done this time, but last year when the monos were high the EBV IGM was negative. So there you have it..

    I have never seen my lymphs high I imagine there is ongoing viral infection and they are worn out...can that happen? Kind of like my very very low NK activity??

    Thanks Mary for your input.
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    I wont give up ,I can't. I am too young to live like this forever. The past 10 years have been pure hell and I can't imagine another 50+ like this. Thanks for your help

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