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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by futurehope, Feb 15, 2006.

  1. futurehope

    futurehope New Member

    I just wanted to let you know that I made an error. I have got too many things going on right now.

    Tomorrow is my Hematologist appointment. It is at 2:30. Today was my preop testing for my Surgery on Friday. Just got back.

    I did manage to get the lab workups for you from my OBGYN. I also requested a copy of my records from my MD. She said she would call me when they are ready, so maybe then I will have more information for you.

    I will list for the lab results for you which were taken on February 1st by my OBGYN.

    I will just list what was out of range, if you want more than that, I will provide it all for you.

    It is labeled CBC (Includes Diff/Plt)
    White Blood Cell Count 19.7 H Normal 3.8-10.8
    Hemoglobin 11.6 L Normal 11.7-15.5
    Hematocrit 34.4 L Normal 35.0-45.0
    Absolute Neutrophils 17080 H Normal 1500-7800

    So it must be the Neutrophils.

    I am not sure what my other WBC's tell, as I have requested them from the MD. Hopefully I will have some information very soon. I would love to have it before I go see the Hematologist tomorrow. And also give you some more information.

    Please let me know if you are getting tired of me and I will leave you alone. I hate to burden anyone.

    Talk with you soon.

    Love and prayers,
  2. futurehope

    futurehope New Member

    I do have the percents on this report for you, they included them at the bottom! Guess I got lucky.

    Here they all are:
    Neutrophils 86.7%
    Lymphocytes 9.2%
    Monocytes 3.4%
    Eosinophils 0.5%
    Basophils 0.2%

    These are the absolute values (which is also what I think you wanted) of all diffs.

    Absolute Neutrophils 17080 H 1500-7800 Normal
    # Nymphocytes 1812 N 850-3900 Normal
    # Monocytes 670 N 200-950 Normal
    # Eosinophilis 99 N 15-500 Normal
    # Basophils 39 N 0-200 Normal

    Here are some other things listed on the lab:
    Red Blood Cell Count 3.85 N 3.0-5.10 Normal
    Hemoglobin 11.6 L 11.7-15.5 Normal
    Hematrocrit 34.4 L 35.0-45.0 Normal
    MCV 89.4 N 80.0-100.0 Normal
    MCH 30.2 N 27.0-33.0 Normal
    MCHC 33.8 N 32.0-36.0 Normal
    RDW 13.2 N 11.0-15.0 Normal

    Here is the platelet count you wanted:
    228 N 140-400 Normal

    I must mention that last November when I went to the MD, there was one time where my platelet count came back somewhere in the 600,000's.

    I am glad to see that you think that it is bacterial or fungal, but I am worried about the BIG C, which is always a possiblity.

    And YES, my WBC has dropeed with antibiotics!! Thank you for reassuring me of it not being leukemia.

    Oops, silly me, what are the serum labs you wanted me the share? (Urine?)

    I will remember to always keep a master copy and share ALL of my labs (etc.) with other Specialists. I do not think I will get my copies from the MD before I go to the Hematologist tomorrow though, big BUMMER!!

    I have no idea how I got histoplasmosis. Trust me, I WAS NOT PLAYING AROUND WITH BIRD POOP!!!!! I do know that it is rampid where I live though. Most people get thru it will just minor symptoms, well, I didn't. It scarred my spleen and liver. One of my friends is on medicine for a year with it right now. First one I have heard of since I had it that has had it as bad as me.

    I understand you are trying to help, and I appreciate any ideas you can give me. I know that you are trying to help and it is truly appreciated. I know your interpretations are your own.

    I also want you to understand that you are the VERY FIRST person I have ever had to really listen to me. I do not know you, but I would call you a true friend.

    I will also be sure to write down my history for the Dr.

    Love and prayers,

    P.S. I will continue to post under this one, so we can keep in touch, if you like. See, I just keep thinking I am bothering/burdening you.

    Also, let me know if I need to space my paragraphs further apart (if it hurts your eyes and you cannot read it). Some people say it hurts their eyes.
  3. futurehope

    futurehope New Member

    At least that is the way that I feel. As you know, I went to the Hematologist today. And GUESS WHAT, today was my LAST visit.

    I feel like such as loser. No-one ever takes me serious. No-one ever listens to me, not even my own husband. I cannot talk to him about any of this, he just wants me to leave him alone because I put too much stress on him, he says.

    I hear things like "its all your head". My MD especially thinks that, he just keeps upping my antidepressants and benzo. Even my own husband feels the same and is embarrased to go with me to the Doctor. It is to the point where I FEEL EMBARRASSED too!! It is like I am starting to believe it.

    I was paid attention to before I had Panic Disorder. If I had a medical problem, WOW, the doctors were right on it. Not any more.

    So sorry for venting. I just feel like giving up at this point, what is the use. I do not know how so many on this board actually get the help that they need. All of these special tests, etc. I live in a small town. I do not even know where to begin.

    Please forgive me for feeling this way. I will post below this one to give you a feel for what happened today.

  4. futurehope

    futurehope New Member

    The first thing they did was took me back to a room to draw blood. Then i went in for my appointment with the Hematologist.

    First, I wanted to listen to what he had to say about my test results, and STUPID ME!!! I did not get a copy of them either, so I will have to call tomorrow and see if they can send me them.

    I know that there were three specific tests that he took last week and all of the results were in range.

    One was a test to see if the Histoplasmosis had re-emerged. I remember him saying anything above 8 was abnormal, mine was exactly and 8.

    The second test was to see if there was any carconoid activity going on inside of me (I guess that was taken because my my first cancer was a carcinoma). It was well within levels.

    The third test was some sort of virus test. I heard him mention Epstein Barr, and I think there were some other viruses included too. Everything was in range there.


    Anyway, I am assuming that they ran a CBC again today with differential and everything was normal. He did tell me that my white cell count was in the 9000's.

    I am just wondering if the antibiotic is still working in my body though and keeping that WBC down for now. That is what scares me.

    Then he gives me the OK to be released from seeing him. Just with three little tests and 2 CBC's. That's it. The only thing he did say was to make sure I come back if my WBC starts rising again.

    Oh, and I did give him a copy of my history, he did not read it just stuck it in his file.

    AND, I followed your protocol about how to approach with questions. I did the urine approach, he agreed that there could be something there that a CT would not show and that they could look deeper into the protein and urine issue, but that was out of his field, he said.

    He recommended that it might be a good idea to go to a Neu.....something, but he would not give me a recommendation. Poop on him. So how am I supposed to go to this specialist without a recommendation.

    Why in the heck would I have such a high value of neutrophils as that without someone going on!! Oh, and he has the nerve to tell me that I might have had the flu, or some kind of virus. I looked at him and said "for 4 months". (This is how long I have had this last flare). Then I told him have been fatigued and losing weight now for 3-4 years. He says "for that long". And I say YES! It is excused, he asks no more.

    I feel so bad right now.

    I wanted to let you know that I have had a blood chemistry and everything was find with all levels except some showed that I was dehydrated. The liver enzymes are all find too, and they did a differential between the two types of bilirubin and they were within normal range.

    I understand your theory about the light bulb clear to the circuit breaker. That is a very good way to put it.

    I want to thank you for trying to help me, and please let me know if you have any more insight. I hope we can keep in touch.

    I am off to surgery tomorrow.

    Thank you so much for being there for me!
  5. futurehope

    futurehope New Member

    Hope you are doing well.

    I had outpatient surgery yesterday. I had a D&C, Emdometrical Ablation Surgery, and a Hyterscopy. I have had a very hard time recovering, which has NEVER happened before.

    The night before my surgery I started coughing in the night, it hurt my throat. After my surgery, I was still coughing but this time my chest is burning also. So what is up with that, another bacterial infection (bronchitis). I was given antiobitcs before my surgery because of my Mitral Valve Prolapse and am on Doxycycline right now for a week. I guess it is common procedure after surgery. I am just scared that another infection was coming and the antibiotics will take care of it, therefore, there is no reason to see another high WBC.

    I am so tired, this surgery really knocked me out big time. Usually, I am up and ready to go right after, eating and feeling perfect. I do not know what went wrong this time.

    Yes, I thought that this hematogist was going to spend more time with me, as he seemed really nice, I am very sad to say that is not the case. And it is not like I have many choices to see people specialized in this area.

    Yes, I did have a few tests ran to rule out some things, but the only type of cancer that was ruled out was the specific "Canconoid activity" cancer. I guess every little bit helps though.

    You are right, my WBC has gone down, but this has happened before and it rises right back up. I am scared because of this. And since now I am having symptoms of bronchitis that bothers me.

    My liver enzymes have always been good. Which I am happy for.

    You are such an optimistic person, I really wish that I could be like you!!! How do you do it???

    As your questions of how I am feeling physically right now. I will give you the details of what has specifically been going on since October 2005 (of course before the surgery).

    Extreme fatigue, feeling like I have the flu (malise), but no fever, chills, and the horrible pain mainly on the right side of my lowest rib, sometimes this pain is in the back, and sometimes it is on the left side of my body too. Sometimes it is stabbing, aching, and radiating, just depends. Will not go away.

    Take care, I think I am going to go back to bed for awhile.

    Thank you for all you kindness and help!


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