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    Hi MCD56, First, let me apologize for not writing sooner. It has been a very hard road for me and I am coping very poorly.

    Please bear with me as my anxiety levels are VERY HIGH right now and there is no telling which direction I will sway.

    Since I recall telling you the last time we talked that I request copies of my bloodwork clear back to October when I started feeling ill.

    Here are the results from October 10, 2005. I have the percentages.

    Liver Panel (including direct and indirect bilirubin) fine.
    Sed Rate was fine (my MD keeps trying to convince me if I had cancer the sed rate would be high)
    White Blood Cell Count 14.2 (High)
    The Neutrophilis were high.
    Percentages of everything else:
    Neutrophilis: 81.8%
    Lymphocytes: 13.9%
    Monocytes: 3.1%
    Esoinophilis: 0.8%
    Basonphils: 0.4%

    Bilirubin Small
    Keotones: Not within range, but do not understand
    Protein: Trace

    Platelet Count, Hemoglobin and Heatocrit were all within range (Normal).


    November 9, 2005 (this was a re-check of my blood counts after my round of antibiotics from October 25, 2005.

    White Blood Cell Count 11.9 (high)
    Neutrophilis: 68.7%
    Lymphocytes: 20.8% LOW
    Monocytes: 7.2%
    Esoinophilis: 3%
    Basonphils: 1%
    How could my WBC be high when everything is in range (especially for Lymphocytes being low)? 29.0 with normal being 24.0-44.00.
    Platelet, HCB and HCT were within normal values.

    Urine: everyting OK except for a trace amount of mucous.


    12/9/05, I went to the ER upon my hubbys request because while trying to shop for Christmas I almost felt like I was going to faint. (This is the weirdest Blood Count of all)

    White Blood Cell Count (High) 10.9
    Neutrophilis: 75.9% HIGH (Normal being 45.0 to 75.0)
    Lymphocytes 16.2% (Low) Normal being 24.0 - 44.0) THIS IS REALLY LOW)
    Monocytes: 7.3%
    Esoinophilis: 0% low
    Basonphils: 0%
    Platelets, HCB and HCT all within range.


    Urea Nitrogen 19.0 (HIGH) I only weigh 90 lbs.
    Liver Profile:
    AST 14 LOW (average being 16-40)
    Globulin 3.9 HIGH (average being 2.3 - 3.5)

    Leukocyte Esterase - Trace
    Urine Albumin Trace
    Keotine- 3+
    Urine Blood 4+ (Marked as ABNORMAL)
    Urine RBC's 11-20 (Marked as ABNORMAL)


    January 16, 2006

    Went to MD with fever (not feeling well) Strep test done and conclusive Strep Throat) A round of levaquin (antibiotic)

    No Blood Tests taken at that time)


    The next blood test I had done was the one that I have already discussed with you. It was done on 2/1/06. Prescribed a round of z-pack.


    I went to the Oncologist after this and he did two bloodworks a week apart (both were in the 9000 range), but my antibiotics were still in my body then.


    February 15, 2006
    This was preop testing for my endometrical ablation surgery. (the female problem I was having with the bleeding that would not stop).
    White Blood Cell Count Normal 9.9
    HCT was LOW at 36.1 (Range being 37.0-47.0)

    Urine (This is VERY INTERESTING)
    Leuk Esterase - Trace
    Keotine - Trace
    Urobilinogen - 4


    When back to OBGYN next week for recheck. Mentioned to him that I felt like I had a bladder infection. He did a urine and protein was a whopping 2+. No bladder infection found.

    Anound 24 hour urine done with creatine. Everything came back OK.


    MD sent me back to oncologist (different one but in same office). Oncologist suggested a PET SCAN and a Bone Marrow Biopsy.

    I have the bone marrow biopsy done tomorrow and the pet scan on Thursday.


    My nerves are totally shot as you already know I have Panic Disorder. I am very scared and cannot control myself.

    There was never a blood smear done or manual to see if I have any immature cells.


    I am so very sorry this is so long. Please let me know what you think, if possible, and how long does it take to get the results of a Bone Marrow Biopsy.


    Again, please forgive me, I think I am in shock.


    Prayers and love,
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    I am so sorry to have not posted sooner. I feel really bad about that.

    Since my panic and anxiety was going to extremes, I went to see my MD again. He upped my meds, AGAIN. I think this is the 4th time in about 5 weeks.

    Do you have panic or anxiety? If you do, you understand how it feels. When I developed mine about 4 years ago, I panicked all day with no breaks, and about every 3-4 nights I would not sleep at all because I would have nocturnal panic attackes. I am not one to just have a panic attack every now and then, when I get in the mode, it is constant. My FEAR develops from FEAR OR DYING. I know most people's panic is fear of crowds, and stuff like that.

    I do not know your name, but I can tell you that I DO NOT have a eating disorder. I am 5' 3 1/2 inches tall. I am now down to 84 lbs. (that is what I weighed when I went to the MD just a bit ago). I do not mind talking to you about it either. You know, I just do not feel like eating. I also think that STRESS really takes its toll on my weight too. Or it could be my antidepressant or illness, I guess. I do have a very high metablism and I am sorry to say that I do smoke. Do not get me wrong, I eat, just not like a normal person does. I admit sometimes I do not eat every day. Alot of times I will drink boost to help too. Nothing ever sounds good.

    I wanted to let you know that when I went to the MD's, I talked to him for quite a while. He kept assuring me that I did not have Leukemia. He even went as far as saying that he was 99.9% percent sure that I did not. (Would he lie to make me feel better?)

    Then he pulled out a piece of paper that had some bloodwork on it (it must have came from the OBGYN or the first hematologist I seen) and it had BLASTS on it. None of my bloodwork copies had anything that had included blasts. Anyway, on his report, under BLASTS, it said 0. Is that a good sign?

    He also kept telling me that the antibiotics would not bring the white cells down if it was leukemia because they do not know how to respond or something like that, I cannot remember his words.

    Another thing he said was that extreme stress can make your WBC go up high too.

    One more thing, he said the Oncologist he referred me too was overally agressive, and probably just wanted to rule everything out. He said that where the 1st hematologist was more conservative, this Dr. is a little more agressive in making sure I was OK.

    Is this good news. Should I feel better? Or is it a bunch of bull?

    Thanks so much for your interest in me.

    One more thing, and I hope I do not offend you in any way. If I do, I am sorry, but are you spiritual?

    Love and prayers,
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    I am glad to finally know your name, it is great to know you Mary!!!!

    So, are you saying 0 blasts in the blood are a good sign? Or are you agreeing with my MD based on what he says? Since there are no blasts in blood, good chance there will be none in bone marrow either??? I know with the bone marrow they take much more and check.

    I just really got a good scare from the Oncologist, wanting to do the Bone Marrow Biopsy and PET Scan. FEAR is such a terrible thing, especially if you are one with Panic problems on top of it.

    About the starvation issue. Do you really think I am starving myself? I do drink Boost sometimes (which is really the same as Ensure) it just tastes better.

    Do you think this contributes to my infections, because my body is weak from not eating as much as a normal person would?

    I wish I could want to eat more, nothing tastes good or sounds good most of the time.

    You are a very good person and I cannot thank you enough. I hope that someday I can help people the way that you do, it feels good when you can help someone.

    I hope that I can make it thru these next few weeks waiting for results and all. You have helped. I am not ready to leave this world yet, most of all, my daughter needs me, and I have not finished living yet.

    Love and prayers my friend,
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    It was great to talk to you yesterday.

    I wanted to let you know that I have tried Xanax before but it did not control my Panic Attacks. I take Klonapin. As of now, I am taking 1.5 mg. in the am and 1.0 mg in the pm. I am also taking Effexor 150 mg in the am. Awful lot of medicine and panic is still not controlled right now. I have had some anxiety today.

    After your second post yesterday, I wanted to clarify a little more, right now it just seems to me that I need all of the reassurance I can get so I can keep my sanity till all these results come back. For some reason your second post make me feel a little more nervous.

    But please also know if I really have anything to be scared of in your opinion. I know I do not make much sense.

    I told you yesterday that there were no blasts in the blood and if that was a good sign. You told me that it was and that you did not expect to see ANY blasts in the blood.

    Then you went on the say that there would be more abnormal blood picture before any blasts would show up. Maybe I read into things a little wrong, are you saying that I might be in the earliest stages of leukemia and there is a possibility that no blasts have appeared in the blood yet?

    Are blasts in the blood not always present when leukemia is in the marrow or sometimes can there be no blasts in the blood and still you can have it in the marrow? I think I understand you saying there are always a few blasts in the marrow.

    I think I realize the Bone Marrow Biopsy is the only way to tell for sure that I have leukemia, I guess I just thought that you would always have blasts in the blood too.

    And ABX therapy would NOT lower the WBC count. I am understanding this as in the nature that the immature blasts in the blood would not respond to ABX therapy.

    By the way, I am trying my best to eat a little more.

    Now you can see why I am so annoying and screwed up, even my hubby can hardly stand me right now. I hope that I am not pushing you away.

    I really do appreciate the support.

    By the way, they moved my Bone Marrow Biopsy to tomorrow at 1:00. I hope I make it thru.

    Love and prayers,
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    You do not have to reply to this immediately, no rush.

    I just wanted to verify something that you asked me about being aneroxic.

    Aneroxia (sp). by definition means that when you look in the mirror you somehow see an image that looks fat, and in turn you refuse to eat. Is this correct?

    If it is, in my case, NO WAY, I am not aneroxic, even though I have the appearance of it.

    I ABSOLUTELY HATE the way that I look, all those bones showing, not fitting into any clothing right, especially jeans. I HATE IT!!

    All I can tell you is that I have no appetite. Nothing sounds good, so alot of times I just do not eat.

    I was reading up on antidepressants today and realized that Effexor can make you lose weight. I was never very large to begin with. 105-110 average weight, but at least I looked healthy.

    Like I said before, I think it either has to be caused from the medications, excessive stress, or illness.

    I know that people with eating disorder often deny their problems, but I can GUARANTEE you that I would tell you if I had a problem. I am not aneroxic (by definition) or bulemic). Do not know if there are any other eating disorders.

    Thank you so much for your concerns and for writing me back and clarifying the previous issues with me.

    One more question, and I really have been wondering this for years as I have seen it so many times. This is very stupid!!! What does LOL mean??

    Love and prayers,

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    I am anorectic (never heard of this). I am sorry, I do know quite a bit about some medical issues, just not in some fields. Feel a little stupid right now.

    But this does sound like me, does this mean I have an eating disorder?

    I think it is either stress, medications, or illness. But that would mean the term would still apply to me, whatever is causing it.

    Love and prayers,