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    Hi again,

    You know, if I would just stay off of this internet I would not keep being so worried. I keep looking up leukemia and learning more about it.

    I am almost positive that what the Dr's are are looking for is CML.

    I understand that there are (three) phases (chronic, accelerated, and blastic) phases.

    Everything I have looked at seems very confusing to me (in some ways).

    One thing that I learned, is that with (CHRONIC) CML, there may be NO cell blasts in the blood!!!! Very disappointing for me because I thought that there would ALWAYS be some blasts in the blood if leukemia was suggestive. Is this true?

    More reading led me to believe that if there were ANY BLASTS in the bone marrow, it could also still mean leukemia (even under 5%, even in the CHRONIC STAGE). Is this true?

    I have also read that diagnosis from a bone marrow aspiration and biopsy it not always conclusive of what is really going on (meaning that the Dr. could tell me it is inconclusive) especially in the early stages. Is this true?

    More reading suggested that low counts, such as Hemo... and Hemoglobin and suggestive of leukemia. I know that mine were barely under the marker. Is this true?

    I know that in ACUTE leukemia (everything is always out of whack) including platets, WBC, and anemia markers (hemocrit, hemaglobin).

    But with chronic leukemia it is a totally different picture.

    I pulled up some websites which shows how blast cells looked like under the microcope after having a BMB done. I think I recall you telling me that there will always be a few blast cells in the marrow. Does this mean that my diagnosis may be inconclusive?? Or can you tell by looking at the actual blasts whether they are leukemia cells or not?

    I am so sorry, but my mind will just not let go of this. PLEASE, PLEASE forgive me!!

    I did have my BMB yesterday, and as I told you they said they were going to put me to sleep. They used Demeral as a relaxer and then something that started with an A (some kind of Anestisia).

    But guess what it DID NOT put me to sleep, so I was awake durng the whole thing. No biggie though, felt a little pain, but not bad at all.

    They drew blood beforehand and the RN was so nice that when I was walking out she told me that my WBC's were normal (then she said ALMOST NORMAL). It was the 10,000 range.

    I also have an appointment next Tuesday to discuss the results of the BMB and PET Scan. I hope that I make it thru till then. But by the looks of it, I will still be going thru much anxiety.

    If possible, can you clarify what I have stated above. It is SO VERY HARD for me right now.

    I know I have some symptoms of "L", such as fatigue, weight loss, no appetite.

    I am still going to keep apologizing to you because I KNOW that I am a PAIN in the BUTT!!!

    Please forgive me.

    Love and prayers,

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