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    How are you? Haven't heard from you in a bit so I wanted to check in. I am in a mild flare up from a busy two weeks at work (our company is merging with the Chicago Board of Trade)so I am hurting and exhausting. I see the doc tomorrow and I need to get something for pain during the day. I hope you and H are doing well! Check in when you can. Nancy
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    Oh Mary,
    I was so hoping things were better for you - do you feel like these flare ups are cyclical - not necassarily happening at the same time each year but one ailment leads to another and another - I guess that is not cyclical but more of a pattern. Not that it helps at all - I was just wondering. I wish there was something I could do for you besides sending you prayers and strength.

    I have no idea how the merger will impact me. Hopefully for the better - I know for at least a while I have some security since we will be consolidating the trading floors and that is my territoriy. It means a lot of weekend work and will be exhuasting but I am looking forward to it. Day to day operations get boring and I love a good project. Right now it is business as usual since until the deal is finalized it can fall apart.

    Take care and feel better my friend....
  3. getfitat40

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    I can't even imagine having to care for another person who is dependant on me. I admire the strength you have to always care for H as well as your own self care.

    Speaking of self care - I am exhausted and I need to just veg for a bit. Take care my friend. Sweet dreams...Nancy

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