MCS: COULD THIS BE AN ANSWER as to the cause of FMS/CFS?

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  1. Butterfly_of_grace

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    OMG I had to share this info I read today in an article.

    I was shocked at this disorder and all the symptoms because they are the exact symptoms to CFS/FMS. The woman who was dx finally with MCS was also diagnosed previously in her 20's with FMS and CFS.

    MCS stands for Multiple Chemical has to do with thousands of people being exposed to every day chemicals like in cosmetics, furniture, etc. and reacting in really aweful ways. These are some of the symptoms:


    It affects 35% of all women and most of which have NO IDEA that they have this. The best Doctor that can diagnose it is one that is experienced in MCS> I did find a link in the article where it lists doctors in states that are experienced in testing and treating this disorder.

    Maybe its an answer for at least some of would be great for it to be an answer for ALL of us. Im going to check into it. It cant hurt. Theres certain blood tests that cna test the chemicals that may be in your blood causing you to be ill.

    anyway...I HAD Tos hare this with all of you. Im going to check it out. Seems the NJ Docs are kind of a ride away but its worth checking out and Im going to. I want to exhaust every resource before I give up on how crappy I feel and delaing with this life time struggle...ONLY TO BE GETTING WORSE OVER THE YEARS.

    I hope this info can be helpful to any of you out there. If you already know about this please can you give me some input Id appreciate it very much. I will follow up with anyone who is interested after I see a Doc.

    God bless!
    HUGS too!
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  3. woofmom

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    I've been saying all along that chemicals are the cause of these illnesses. All the research they do tells what happens. It doesn't address the cause. A lot of these toxic chemicals attack our central nervous system which controls our ability to breath, our blood pressure, body temperature, the urge to urinate etc. Researchers do study after study. This or that gene or cell mutated. These poisonous chemicals that we eat, drink, breathe, and use are killing and/or crippling our brain's ability to function properly. And ASPARTAME, AIR FRESHENERS, and Perfume are at the top of the list as the worst poisons.
  4. woofmom

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  5. Jeanne-in-Canada

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    I know people w/ just MCS who have no pain at all, or depression. These people stand a much better chance of getting it under control by modifying their living space and leading fairly normal lives.

    I had FM far before I had MCS. I find the MCS symtoms far more disabling than FM though. I have an extra bad case though, its foods, meds, and everything in a store. Everybody I go near wafts up to me in a clouds of perfume and chemicals, they carry the smelll of their deodorants, laundry soap, air fresheners at ahome.

    I need to shower and change whenever I get home from anywhere. I could muddle through working and a modified social life w/ FM, like many can. I think chemical sensitivity is a common part of the CFS/FM syndrome though, but you can have either independant of the other. I still think FM/CFS ismostly bacterial and/or viral and probably also genetic. So you carry the gene, and when your stress load gets to the wrong point, stressors being environmental, bacterial/viral, trauma, accident, sometimes even pregnancy. None of those things are enough in themselves for those not genetically susceptible though.

  6. woofmom

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    Many of the same chemicals in tobacco smoke
    are in fragranced products and in things you use everyday.
  7. woofmom

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    My symptoms very slowly evolved into mcs over a period of about 25 years, possibly longer.
  8. woofmom

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    Perfume and 1000's of products we use every day have the same toxic chemicals as cigarettes. Some of them have more.
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    I tend to think there are at least 3 different types of CFS (meeting the official diagnostic criteria), with overlapping symptoms.

    1) Fibromyalgia.

    2) "Neuroendocrineimmune Disorder." (Inherited and triggered by "flu that never goes away').

    3) Chemical Toxicity (MCS).

    I've been starting to see research that suggests this. If you look at the posts here, it seems that you can put most people into one of these three groups (although some do fall into more than one).

    For instance, I fall squarely into the second category. I've been tested a lot and seem to have relatively little toxicity, although things like cigarette smoke get to me more than it does most people. (This may be just because my whole system is weak.) I don't have much pain, either.

    Eventually "CFS" is going to be subdivided into at least these three categories, maybe more, I think/hope. This should give more credibility to the disease as well as allow practitioners to treat it more effectively.

  10. woofmom

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    My thoughts are that our central nervous system doesn't function properly.
  11. Butterfly_of_grace

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    Then if the CFS is caused by the CNS(central nervous system) then it is my belief if that is the case that the Chiropractor I work with can help resolve alot of the CFS symptoms. He thoroughly believes in corrective care; giving your body the best chance it has to stay healthy and to fight off disease by correcting the spine and fixing subluxation witch causes the body not to function correctly (interference of messages from the brain to the body as a whole).

    thanks for the info. I wonder if getting my 3 x a week treatments Ill start feeling a little better. I guess it cant hurt...its free at least.

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