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    Hello, has anyone's fms changed to anything like this.
    Mine started with the ross river, glandular, brahms, very bad fms undiagnosed for 8 years, didnt believe the diagnosis so continued with unrelenting stress, work I couldnt do, violent people in their response to my symptoms.

    Now I am living in a car because after 3 dozen houses where I spent all night walking the streets, could not sleep inside, next to all that stuff.

    Most houses have painted walls. Near paint it burns my nerves, become a severely distressed screaming raving lunatic - the pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Carpet, timber, damp, do similar to a lesser degree. Going into a kitchen, bathroom, get extreme extreme flu.

    Near timber I feel completely poisoned, migraines, cant breathe, chest pain and then get a full on panic attack.

    I cant go live bush or beach in a shack away from all these chemicals and pollution as grasses and trees also do the same thing. At the beach my body pain heightens, bad bad asthma, and feel like Im having a nervous breakdown. In the country the smell of dirt and most vegetation burns my gut and I start vomitting.

    I have no help. Have done every cfs, fms, mcs treatment, could have done some more infrared saunas or chelation, my lead levels are still high, without success.

    Am very fearful for my future. I try to live one moment at a time so Im not thinking about how dim the future really is ??????? but every moment is torture. Im either intensely hot or cold, in the morning the world spins, often have blackouts and ALWAYS in too much diabolical pain.

    Anyone like this?
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    Try posting on the Multiple Chemical Sensitivities board here and I think you'll get the most answers there. Also post on the Fibromyalgia board here too. Good luck.