mcs (multi chemical Sensitivity) and Spasmodic dysphonia

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    Through my reading on the internet I came across a supplement called Gaba. I understand it helps people with spasmodic dysphonia making it easier to talk . I took it before probably in low dosage and couldn't see any benefits from it . Now I've taken it in a larger dosage 750 mgs tablets and people have been saying you are getting your voice back not only that but I noticed that if I take the Gaba I can tolerate perfume better many times . Don't go over board with gaba hits your stomachk , head- feel sick and can weaken you too much ( Still best to get away from offending chemical) The reaction I get from gas, perfumes, etc is I'll start in involuntary yelling ,speaking , get weak to point of collapsing,- get away from chemical odor ---- get gaba in my mouth and chew it - in a very short period of time I'm all well again.
    I often take it early in the morning and if I know I'm going into perfume etc chemical odor areas
    I think I might increase dosage and take it before I go to bed . Some have been taking 1500mgs and helps sleep. though I don't think I have much trouble sleeping.
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    Welcome and I'm glad you posted because your post may help others that come here with your ailments. You also may want to check out the MULTIPLE CHEMICAL SENSITIVY BOARD here and see if there is anything that might help you too. Good luck and hugs.