MCS sufferers...I REALLY need your help! Thank you! ROP

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by shelbo, Dec 7, 2010.

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    I have added this to another thread but thought it might get more views and responses here... Thanks for reading and please, if you can help, do...
    I get all over severe, non-stop itching which moves all over my body when I use new skincare facial products (I also get other very bad symptoms...please see below). Trouble is I have a very sensitive complexion and eyes (rosacea and ocular rosacea, plus dry facial skin) and the cleanser and moisturiser I rely on is running out - discontinued! :( - and I have no replacements cos everything makes me feel so sick and makes me itch intensely all over...

    I'm really starting to panic as my eyes and face require careful cleansing and I can't go without facial moisturiser... Plain water is not an option :/ Even before I had MCS I could never tolerate plain oils so I don't know what I'll use... Can I ask you two what you use to cleanse and moisturise your face without itching really severely all over and/ or feeling really sick? I'm beginning to panic and get REALLY down over the prospect of being 95% more ill than I already am... :/
    Thanks, Shelbo
    Ps...Do you know the worst offending chemicals in skincare? I've tried fragrance-free, natural stuff and I still get this strange reaction! I can only use my current skincare but it's running out...FAST! :/ The odd thing is the moisturiser has essential oils in it and smells quite fragranced... It is like, in some strange way, my body is addicted to the ingredients in my current cleanser and moisturiser since if I try to not use them or use something different...all hell breaks loose and I itch ferociously (like the nerves in my body are being tickled and it moves around non-stop!) and feel violently ill (feverish, awful headache, sinus pain, nausea, racing heart etc) which is unbearable on top of everything else. It all stops when I use my cleanser and moisturiser (when I am left with my usual symptoms) but I have so little left...and no replacements despite my best efforts! I am starting to feel without hope... I want to have faith it will get better but all I can feel is the fear and dread of knowing what's coming...
    Thanks... PPS...I you pray, will you pray for me... thank you... Shelbo

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    I use Ivory soap (very drying, but doesn't cause a reaction) and then cetaphil cream (all over my body inc my face)

    I know that some drug stores/pharmacies, etc will specially make some products - maybe there is one near you that could experiment with the ingredients listed in your current one....or maybe they could look at what is in it and give you some suggestions at least

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