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    Hi friends,
    Not been doing so good and think I am becomming sensitive to the shampoo I have been useing from Magic Botanicals for very sensitive indiviguals. This is the only one I have been able to use for years. I'm hopping you might share what you use as an option for me. Also pass along any odorless healthy products you use

    Thanks so much ~Giggle
  2. blkkat

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    cleaning products I've been using

    Method: ((go naked)) is one of their products

    zero dyes no perfumes non toxic, biodegradable. and no animal testing its a naturally derived surface cleaner.

    they have other stuff also , its a go GREEN for our planet.

    i got it at Target.

    take care girfriend.
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    Please go and read my post on the FM/CFS board titled Barrowinnovations and others please read. This info may benefit you a lot.