MD or DO - Which is better for us?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Kathryn, Oct 3, 2002.

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    But DO's get more muscoskelatin training than MD's.
    I have been to do's and they do massage and simple chiropractic alignments. They would probably be better since they have this extra training in just the treatment we need.
    The cannot prescribe narcotics.
    My humble opinion
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    Hello Kathryn,

    It depends on the doctor. An Osteopathic physician may practice like a primary care without the traditional osteopathic manipulation. I am pretty certain that they are able to prescribe. Their medical training is almost identical to MD schools with hospital privledges. They have an additional 1200 hours of hands on training and practice if I remember correctly. They assist in surgery, ect...I have a friend who is a DO. She combines both traditional and routine medicine in her practice.

    I would as the receptionist if the DO uses manipulation in their practice (if you would like to try it). It is awesome work. Their approach is quite different than chiropractic.

    Keep us posted,
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    DO's can do anything MD's can do. My pain doc is a DO and he prescribes narcotics. A DO did extremely difficult and complex ruptured tendon repair surgery on my arm. My Dad was a DO and delivered babies and everything else required of a doc in a small town in NE.

    I don't know about other states.

    Love, Mikie
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    My pcp is a DO. I went to pain clinic for a year and he does for me the same as the pain clinic doc did.(meds) With the exception of the epidurals and he sends me to the hospital to the antheseologist there (spell wrong) for that, when ever I get them.
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    Just had a visit with a D.O. in the new city where I've moved, had high hopes... she looked at me like I had three heads when I mentioned the word "fibromyalgia".. I think any M.D. or D.O. potentially could be good, if those three words: educated, enlightened and open-minded, came into play....

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    I switched to a DO because he was my husband's PCP, thinking he would know more than my GP I was seeing. I called his office and the receptionist said that he did. So, I swiched, had records transferred and when his nurse was checking me in, I told her that the receptionist had told me that he was well versed in fibromyalgia. She squished her face into this, 'not really' look and she was right! He didn't know SQUAT! I saw him twice in a month and he was an idiot and I think, had a problem with me, being a nurse AND knowing about my illness! I switched back to my former GP, because she at least followed the protical that my former PCP(that started only seeing geriatrics), had been doing. He had been great. He would come on the computer to check on things for fibromyalgia. I loved him. He didn't have it, but he CARED! It was great to have a doc that cared. I hope to find one here in WA state. I don't even have a PCP yet. I may have a couple of jobs that don't even charge the employee for the medical benies. A third job doesn't even charge for a spouse if you go to 'their' HMO set-up. I'm not too interested in that, as I do have specific needs & would like to find a doc near Silverdale, Bremerton, Poulsbo, WA that understands FMS. If anyone out there knows of one, let me know! It's so hard to come to a new area & find docs AND friends. We're meeting people though & my job outlook looks good. dolsgirl
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    Kathryn---I went through tons of no avail....found a DO on this sites Good Dr. List. He is great! Yes, he can prescribe my pain meds for me---and is so much more educated and thorough--and most of all believing, than the MD.s I had seen. I am in well rounded treatment, in my opinion, meaning conventional, alternative, supplements, and a prescribed course of excercise. I think its very important when looking for a Doc, whatever their credentials, that when phoning, one asks the million dollar question....How many fms or cfs patients does he treat?
    I could have saved myself so much disappointment, money, and energy, had I done that from the beginning.
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    I have a DO and after a few visits he said he did not believe in fibro and when he walked in the room he said I looked and was sitting in my chair as if i was depressed and wrote a script for a head Dr. Could not convince him other-wise and he put it in my record.When I asked if the head Dr. would take away my pain he said ,maybe. I knew then I was in the wrong office. I wish there was some way we could transfer our pain to the doctor for a week, he`d become a believer in a hurry!!!!
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    I too wish that uncaring, misunderstanding docs could feel as we do, not just for a day, a week. Then, THEN, maybe they would just try to see things our way and just maybe understand...even a little. dolsgirl