MDs seek GAG order to stop PT's REVIEWS....

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    While of course there are always those who seek to defame a doctor for bad reasons, there are also honest opinions... it seems to me that what the doctors (below) are trying to do is not good overall, and may also constitute an unconstitutional breach of freedom of speech ultimately, anyway...

    Docs seek gag orders to stop patients' reviews
    By Lindsey Tanner, AP Medical Writer Lindsey Tanner
    Mar 4, 2009

    CHICAGO – The anonymous comment on the Web site was
    unsparing: "Very unhelpful, arrogant," it said of a doctor. "Did not
    listen and cut me off, seemed much too happy to have power (and abuse
    it!) over suffering people." Such reviews are becoming more common as
    consumer ratings services like Zagat's and Angie's List expand beyond
    restaurants and plumbers to medical care, and some doctors are fighting

    They're asking patients to agree to what amounts to a gag order that
    bars them from posting negative comments online.

    "Consumers and patients are hungry for good information" about doctors,
    but Internet reviews provide just the opposite, contends Dr. Jeffrey
    Segal, a North Carolina neurosurgeon who has made a business of helping
    doctors monitor and prevent online criticism.


    His company, Medical Justice, is based in Greensboro, N.C. For a fee, it
    provides doctors with a standardized waiver agreement. Patients who sign
    agree not to post online comments about the doctor, "his expertise
    and/or treatment."

    "Published comments on Web pages, blogs and/or mass correspondence,
    however well intended, could severely damage physician's practice,"
    according to suggested wording the company provides.

    Segal's company advises doctors to have all patients sign the
    agreements. If a new patient refuses, the doctor might suggest finding
    another doctor. Segal said he knows of no cases where longtime patients
    have been turned away for not signing the waivers.

    Full story:


    I know I've had good relationships with doctors that suddenly turned sour because of the doctor's failure to follow through... seems to me one should be able to post honestly and again, we all have to make judgements one way or another. If someone really unjustly defamed a doctor, it seems that doctor could always resort to civil suit.

    Sticky question every which way, but...

    what do you all think?

  2. nixon

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    their opinion of their treatment by drs.

    I've read & written on sites like trying to find a GOOD Dr., and written of good and bad experiences I've had. We are the patients paying them, they NEED to treat us decent, and when they don't we SHOULD be able to document our bad treatment, experiences.

    I paid a dentist cash $10,500.00,(as he didn't take insurance) for osseous surgery & TMJD treatment. He was TERRIBLE......treated me like shit and also told me there was no such thing as Fibro., they never even followed up with me, and I was so sick at the time....not to mention he was a hour & a half away....(I don't generally drive that far-would need a ride) that I just said hell with it, and never went back!! I posted bad reviews for him. Nothing as VICIOUS as I should have put, but I've also given great reviews to docs who were good, or at least tried to help me.

    I agree that if a patient unjustly defamed a doc, he could take them to a civil court. Andrea
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  3. shari1677

    shari1677 New Member

    Some patients, no matter how hard one tries, will not like a doctor - any doctor. They are angry and irritable and find fault in all of them.

    In fact - some people are like that with everyone - I know a few of those.

    So what - somebody doesn't like a doctor. Things happen - you go elsewhere. I've been there done that......My opinion, it goes with every profession, doctor or not.
  4. would also add (tongue in cheek) that, they might as well, add to that waiver, a "pinky swear", and the "scouts honor" to it. Pittttttttouuuie!


    Whoopty doo, awwwww big egotistical doctor get his big feewings huwt? Suck it UP jerkwads. (LOL)

    Like Kina said, there are *good reviews* as well on there... and, ultimately, a person should not* use it solely to decide whether they do, or don't see a doctor, for ME, it would *depend on the amount* of reviews, and the complaints... if there were a lot of reviews, and all were bad, and had to do with treatment, (medical), OR lack of bedside manner, then.... no thank you. I don't need anymore of that- and, lack of bedside manner, isn't right, I should say, poor, terrible, mean, nasty, or other words- I had a neurosurgeon consultation once, (two of them sat in the room- odd, nerve-wracking)... but, the one who did most of the talking, was *certainly* rude... inconsiderate, and, had NO compassion, whatsoever.. but- at the time, I was in URGENT need of immediate, surgical intervention, and I truly told my mom, I don't care if he's a total 'D***bag'... so long as he is awake, alert, clear of any substance(s), and truly the "godfather of this procedure", as the referring doctor had claimed.

    The referring doctor, though, btw... was the one who had botched me up BAD... and, was friends with him, so, there is NO telling WHAT she may have sent/faxed to him before he met with me... and, I lucked out SO SO SO much, in that-- when I came back for the procedure the next THRILLED was I, to see that it was that 2nd, quieter neurosurgeon, who was MUCH MUCH more kind, personable, etc by himself. Also helped that I had a radiation oncologist for the procedure, who truly was an ANGEL. I would love to shout HIS praises from a rooftop. I love(d) that man, even pray for him time to time, and his family, & friends... he touched me deeply, with very very VERY kind, sincere words to me. He actually made me cry, just from his sincerity, and kindness.

    And, I also say- they gag reviews/blogging... how come we then, could not do the SAME TO THEM... regarding our records.... I know that with several of my doctor's offices, trying to get just ONE SHEET of my medical record(s) from them... is like trying to get through the vaults at Fort Knox!

    And so, we are not even 'entitled' to our own *test results*... they'll "gladly fax them wherever you want, we just need the drs phone/fax #"

    Why? What's to be hidden? I know back when it *was* easier, and you COULD pick your own records up, (with some* talking first)....I accessed mine... only to have very hurt feelings... and then angry as well..

    Appearance is commented on, and continued on, under catagories such as "HYGIENE".... to ME, *hygiene* is: clean hair, clean skin, etc. To SOME doctors.. it is not having make-up on, having drawstring type pants, flannels, etc... instead of jeans, slacks or a skirt.... and yet WHEN you show up *dressed up*... you can't possibly be SICK!??

    "poor" was typed in on a report from a general surgeon, after he evaluated me, & scheduled my gall bladder surgery... I found that unacceptable. His other notes... yes, all true... "patients appearance is that of a frail, (something-or-other...etc). " "patient appears very thin," (yesssss 22lbs weight loss, in less than 3 weeks, and continually vomiting..

    But, hygiene = "poor"... sorry. that offended me.

    I was vomiting ALL THE TIME- not to mention, there were times after that surgery, (developed NOW *chronic, pancreatitis), that jeans + bra = severe pain attack of my pancreas... but, wear anything less, and I was actually chastised, TWICE, by a gastro that I generally respect, and appreciate.

    So, gag INTERNET BLOGS and or REVIEWS... then, I say we can 'gag' them from sending mean, hurtful, and non-medical, statements about us to other doctors, especially when untrue.

    :) Guess I shoulda just left this as "I completely agree with Kina," huh?


  5. Lillie17

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    ...that if the doctor wants you to sign such a form, then at the very least he should sign a form saying that you may see any and all of your medical records...

    ... and that s/he will agree only to make objective statements, such as: Patient presented with no fever. Blood screening appears normal., etc.

    As opposed to subjective and judgmental statements such as,
    Patient anxious, appears to be hypochondriac. Patient is attention-seeking, etc.
  6. SpecialK82

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    Laura - you are so funny - I was laughing out loud at your opening statements!! Thanks for the comedy, it's good medicine.

    I agree that you take the reviews with a grain of salt and kind of get an average, I wish there were a lot more reviews written, the odds have been stacked in the doctors favor for too long and it's the only way that we can get a sense if a doctor is worth our time, energy and money.

    So sorry for your troubles with some egomanic doctors - they are not God, they are not error-free and they need to act first in the best interest of the patient.

    Any doctor can have a bad post written by an unreasonable patient, it's true, but I think that most posts would be favorable if the doctor is good - and the fact that they know posts can be written should encourage them to be better doctors (ie bedside manner, etc).


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