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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by foxyred, May 25, 2006.

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    Once again thank you to everyone that gave me some wonderful advice. I did what you all told me to do. I just received the "paperwork" from the doctor that has agreed to see me. He was listed as an "Internal Medicine" doctor. But, in the paperwork he is a "spinal doctor who believes in treating with medication." There's another Dr. in with him who is a surgeon, but, I'm not seeing him. The dr. I'm seeing has my records, I go June 12. First I go to his office to pick up a script to have an x-ray, then I have a "45 minute consult with him." His office is in a part of a hospital in Indianapolis. So, I guess all I can say right now is wish me luck. And my dr. that's leaving is giving me enough meds to get me thru till I see the new guy.
    My son had back surgery yesterday. His second surgery. They put a "wire" next to his spine that is hooked into a battery thing and it is supposed to interrupt the pain signals to his brain so all he will feel is a tingling sensation. The doctor that did his surgery shoved the needle in to far and he lost enough spinal fluid to give him a terrific headache. But, he's coming home today. Anyone else ever heard of that operation? Medtronics is the maker of the device. You all are wonderful. Thank you so much.

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