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  1. Murphy Slaw

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    I posted here a few weeks ago, and due to my life I haven't been back on. Right now the doctors don't know whats wrong with me, I went and got blood work done to get a referral to see a rheumatologist. But now its on hold because all the blood tests came back negative. I've called the doctor several time,s and there hasn't been a change. And I can't afford to make a regular appointment with a rheumatologist cause the insurance wont cover it with out a referral. Got any advise for me?
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    can you remind me what's going on?
    Were you thinking you might have arthritis? Hopefully you had bloodwork done testing for RA etc.
    You've called your doctor and there hasn't been a change? in what? I'm sorry I don't quite understand. Leave a msg with your dr's office and tell them you need a referral per your insurance for a rheumatologist.

    Now with that being said... Who did you blood work? What was done?
    Is your doctor knowledgable about Fibro? Is is not essential to have a rheumy diagnose you if your regular Dr. can. A rheumatologist is helpful because they are familiar with tender points and will also rule out other possible conditions by doing the blood work etc. - which apparently you've already had done.

    If you aren't really even sure if you have Fibro, then yes I'd see SOMEONE to help get a diagnosis. - I'm sorry again, I can't remember your whole story. Has your doctor brought Fibro up? have you brought it up to our doctor?

  3. Murphy Slaw

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    Well when I as younger starting at about three, I would wake up with this horrible pain in my knees. They alwasy assumed it was just growing pains. They have stedilty gotten worse and more frequent. My grandma and a few other family emembers have RA, but they have done a number of blood tests and x-rays. I had those done when I was 18-19, and they came back negative. Now I've been haveing a worse time of it, and went to get a referrel to go see a specialist, because I already knew the tests would be negative. Now my doctor has put the refferal on hold becuase the tests where negative. He doesn't really believe me because the first thing he said when I went to get the second blood test he said "There is nothing wrong with your joints" When he first came in the door and before he said that this was all "Normal everyday aches and pains." So I'm not really sure what to tell him to make him just give me the refferal so I can hopefully go to someone that doesn't think I'm a lier.
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    Many PCP's are rewarded financially for not referring to specialists. You have the right to know how your doc is compensated and if you ask him, he must tell you. You have the right to change PCP's and you have the right to file a grievance with your insurance co.

    The overwhelming majority of us with these illnesses have "normal" blood test results.

    Best of luck to you. You may have to become more assertive to get what you need.

    Love, Mikie
  5. Nanie46

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    I am just passing along some info for you to consider....there's a good symptom checklist in the back of this booklet...

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