me and ms.

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    Can anyone tell me the difference between me and ms? Are they the same. If there is no test for you to tell then how would you no wether you had me or ms is there a test for ms to tell you have it . Whereas me there is no test is this right.
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    Hi again!

    Yes there is a difference. I went thru the tests for MS. Spinal tap,nuero exam,eyes. I went on meds for it all 3 stopped because they were awful and it wasnt MS. Also did this for Parkinsons.

    I watched a video on ME and they said there are tests for it. Ck out a There are alot of simular symptoms for MS and ME.

    Personally I think I have Lyme and am trying to get help in that direction.
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    Here's a link comparing ME to MS:

    Scroll down to see the chart.

    The one symptom difference that always sticks out in my mind is when people say they have numbness, then I think "MS". I'm a textbook case of ME and I've never had numbness.Just look at all the similarities between the two diseases though.

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